Animal Jam Eggstravaganza Pets

Everyone knows that it is possible to buy animals in Animal Jam. It is also possible to have pets of your own. However, what if you want to breed your own pets? If it was always your dream to do so, there is an event that is called Eggstravaganza that allows you to do just that!

Eggstravaganza was first introduced into the game on April 13, 2017. This event allows players to purchase Pet Eggs. The eggs will behave as if it were a pet already, following you around. The egg hatches into an animal after three full days have passed by since purchase.

To celebrate the Night of the Phantoms event, AJHQ released a spooky version of Eggstravaganza on September 27, 2018. This update releases three new Pet Eggs into the game, which means three new pets!

How to Get Eggstravaganza Pet Eggs

To get Pet Eggs of your own, you will first need to go to the Diamond Shop and find the egg nest to purchase them. The Diamond Shop is located at the Jamaa Township, which can be found by clicking on the world map at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Once you are in the Jamaa Township, just find the building with the Diamond Banners on it, and go through the door.

Inside the Diamond Shop, you will see multiple clickable objects, including a giant statue. The egg nest is located right next to the entrance, as you can see in the picture above. To purchase an Egg Pet, simply click on the egg nest, which will prompt you with the following screen:

Once you click on the green buy button, you will be able to customize your Pet Egg to your own liking. There used to be a glitch where you could see what pet would hatch from your egg, but that glitch has since been patched up. The pet you receive is random.

Spooky Eggstravaganza

The Spooky version of Eggstravaganza was released on September 27, 2018. This version adds a total of three new pets into the mix. However, the three new pets were made available starting on September 30. I bet you are curious which new pets are added, and I will show you!

The total amount of pets that could hatch from the eggs used to be six. Those pets were the Pet Falcon, Pet Chick, Pet Crocodile, Pet Platypus, Pet Echidna and Pet Crow. The Spooky version of Eggstravaganza adds the following pets; Pet Poodle Moth, Pet Millipede and Pet Vulture.

Pet Poodle Moth

Pet Millipede

Pet Vulture

You will have to keep in mind that only members are able to buy Pet Eggs. It will also cost you 3 Diamonds per Pet Egg. If you don’t have any Diamonds, simply use your daily spin to get more. A single daily spin should give you enough Diamonds to purchase at least one Pet Egg.

Trading Pet Eggs

If you don’t feel like purchasing your own Pet Eggs, it is always nice to know that you can trade them too. Not only the Pet Eggs can be traded, but the pets that hatch from them as well. That way, you could obtain the  Pet Poodle Moth, Pet Millipede and Pet Vulture much quicker.

You will need to keep in mind that it will probably cost you to get those pets, especially since it takes three days for the eggs to hatch. Go to crowded places in the game to find traders and see if they have the pets that you are looking for!

Pet Eggs Codes

There are currently no codes available for Pet Eggs. Only way to get Pet Eggs is by either going to the Diamond Shop and purchasing them for 3 Diamonds Each, or by trading with Jammers.

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