Enchanted Eagle Codes, Pictures & More!

A new and exciting announcement was made in the Jamaa Journal! If you looked up into the skies, you would be able to see flower-covered eagles. The Enchanted Eagle was announced in the Jamaa Journal, and released into Animal Jam on July 5th. The Enchanted Eagle brought along a friend, the Pet Dodo. You can now adopt your own Pet Dodo as well!

The Enchanted Eagle was announced in a Jamaa Journal update as “Coming Soon”. They are really hard to miss. The Enchanted Eagle is not only covered in flowers, but also has amazing feathers that are patterned with roses. What is even more amazing is that they leave a trail of flowers behind, while they fly around.

Animal Jam Enchanted Eagle Pictures

As you would expect, the Enchanted Eagle has its own set of actions and special moves. You can see what the Enchanted Eagle looks like, and its actions, in the pictures below. You will also find out where and how you can purchase the Enchanted Eagle!

The Enchanted Eagle can be bought by going to the Diamond Shop in Animal Jam. To access the Diamond Shop, click on the giant wolf statue in the middle of the room you are in. But be quick, because the Enchanted Eagle is only for sale for a very short amount of time!

The Enchanted Eagle is a members-only animal. This means that you will need a membership to purchase one. It costs 10 Diamonds to buy an Enchanted Eagle. If you are a member, but you don’t have enough Diamonds to buy the Enchanted Eagle, just make sure to log in and use your free daily spins. It should be very easy to collect 10 Diamonds that way.

Once you have chosen an awesome name for your Enchanted Eagle and bought it, it is time to check out what makes the Enchanted Eagle so special. For starters, the Enchanted Eagle looks beautiful. It has flower patterns over its body, and leaves a trail of flowers behind!

If you are tired of flying around, take a break by letting your Enchanted Eagle sit. It will fold its wings on its side. You can make the Enchanted Eagle sit in four different directions.

If sitting doesn’t do the trick for you, it is also possible to let the Enchanted Eagle sleep on a fluffy cloud bed. It will snooze away until you decide it’s time to move again.

Besides flying around, the Enchanted Eagle also enjoys dancing. Click the action button to see the Enchanted Eagle bust out its dance moves and show the animal world how it’s done.

Give the Enchanted Eagle an early-morning workout by telling it to hop up and down.

Last but not least, the play action allows your Enchanted Eagle to practice its diving skills. It will fly up, circle around and dive down with its talons out. A bad day to be a prey!

Enchanted Eagle Codes for Animal Jam

As I have already mentioned above, the Enchanted Eagle is a members-only animal. This means that you can only purchase it if you have an Animal Jam membership. Sometimes, Animal Jam will give out animal codes to get animals for free, but that didn’t happen for the Enchanted Eagle yet. I’ve looked around the internet and there is no mention of any codes for the Enchanted Eagle, and even if there were, they are only available for a short time.

Animaljamworld has a very useful guide that has some tips and tricks on how to become an Animal Jam member. Be sure to check out the guide if you are looking to buy the Enchanted Eagle, but you don’t have a membership yet.

This is the Jamaa Journal entry for the Enchanted Eagle. The Enchanted Eagle looks quite majestic in the entry, but it also looks amazing in the game itself. Note that the entry also hints at the fact that it’s not sure how long the Enchanted Eagle will be available in Jamaa.

Quick Update

As of today, August 15th, the Enchanted Eagle is only available for 1 more day. If you want to own this majestic animal, you will have to run off to the Diamond Shop and purchase one for 10 Diamonds today!

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