Epic Feathered Armor Set in AJ

If you are looking for an amazing armor set for your Animal, you should definitely take a look at the Epic Feathered Armor Set. This armor set is rewarded to any Jammer that invites three of their friends to play Animal Jam. When those three friends also purchase a Membership, the Jammer that originally referred them will receive the Epic Feathered Armor Set. Today, we are going to take a closer look at this armor set, and tell you how you can obtain it for yourself.

The Epic Feathered Armor Set was originally released on November 21, 2018. They are currently still obtainable by using the Refer-A-Friend feature. AJHQ hopes to see more players in their game, and this is an excellent way to spread the word about Animal Jam. Rewarding Jammers that refer their friends is also a great motivation to actually use the Refer-A-Friend feature.

Epic Feathered Armor Set Appearance

The Epic Feathered Armor Set consists of a total of five pieces: the Epic Feathered Crown, Epic Feathered Collar, Epic Feathered Cape, Epic Feathered Gauntlets and the Epic Feathered Tail. Many of the armor pieces contain white feathers. The pieces also have purple and black colors mixed in, as well as golden plates. You can see what the individual pieces look like in the pictures below.

Epic Feathered Crown

Epic Feathered Collar

Epic Feathered Cape

Epic Feathered Gauntlets

Epic Feathered Tail

How to Get the Epic Feathered Armor Set in Animal Jam

The Epic Feathered Armor Set was released several months ago, but is still obtainable. You can either use the Refer-A-Friend method to obtain the set, or you can trade for the individual set pieces. Let’s take a look at how you can obtain the armor set for yourself.

Refer-A-Friend Invites

The Epic Feathered Armor Set was released as a promotional item. It is an official collection. In order to get the full set, you have to refer three of your friends through the Refer-A-Friend feature. Those three friends have to start playing Animal Jam, and all three of them will also have to purchase a Membership. Only then will you receive the Epic Feathered Armor Set as a reward for referring your friends.


If you rather not use the Refer-A-Friend feature, you can also try to trade for the individual pieces. However, you should keep in mind that the armor set is quite valuable. You will have to offer rare items in order to even come close to a deal with a trader that owns the armor set. There are some Animal Jam trading forums where several Jammers are looking to trade their armor set with others. You should search for them and see what they want in return.

Epic Feathered Armor Set Codes

There is definitely no way for AJHQ to release any codes for the Epic Feathered Armor Set. It is far too valuable of a set, and they already have a feature in place that allows Jammers to get the armor set by referring friends. If you want to obtain the armor set, you will have to use one of the two methods mentioned above.

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