Ethereal Armor Set – AJPW Armor

In December 2017, AJHQ released a special armor set into Play Wild. To obtain the armor set, you had to reach high levels. Because of this, the armor set automatically became extremely rare, since not that many players met the requirements to obtain the armor set. That armor set is called the Ethereal Armor. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the armor set.

Ethereal Armor Set Appearance in AJPW

The Ethereal Armor Set consists of three pieces; Ethereal Armor, Ethereal Helmet and Ethereal Tail Armor. All three pieces are quite rare, as they require you to reach a certain level. Let’s take a closer look at what the three pieces are all about, and what they look like.

Ethereal Armor

The Ethereal Armor is probably the most common one of the three. However, don’t be fooled by that stat. To obtain the Ethereal Armor, you first need to reach level 33 in Play Wild. It looks like a regular piece of armor, with two shoulder plates, as well as a back plate. However, when you wear this armor piece, wings will appear, and there is an animation.

Ethereal Helmet

The Ethereal Helmet is the second piece of the set. Not many players own this item yet, which makes it extremely rare. You need to reach level 39 to obtain this item. The helmet looks like a bucket, but has silver rims around it. When you wear it, the helmet will glow in purple and blue.

Ethereal Tail Armor

The Ethereal Tail Armor is the rarest of the bunch. It is rewarded to players that reach level 45, and let me tell you, not many players have reached that level yet. Since the item is so rare, it is actually quite difficult to find pictures of it. By its looks, it looks like a thick tail, and has the blue and purple colors on it. I bet that it will glow when it is worn.

How to Get the Ethereal Armor Set in Play Wild

There are only two ways to obtain the Ethereal Armor set. You either level up and obtain the armor pieces as a reward for doing so, or you find players that already obtained the armor set and try to trade with them.


It will be extremely difficult to find a player that is willing to part ways with their Ethereal Armor set. Even if you find a trader, you will need to offer very rare items in return.

Ethereal Armor Set Codes

There are no codes available for the Ethereal Armor set, and there probably never will be. This armor set can only be obtained by leveling up, or by trading with other players.

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