Falling Phantoms Cheats for Animal Jam


Falling Phantoms is an Animal Jam game found in the Lost Temple of Zios.  Jammers play with five other players and try to avoid the phantoms falling from the sky.  The game is pretty simple, just use your arrow keys to move back and forth away from the phantoms.  The last one to survive wins!


As the timer counts down, the phantoms begin to fall faster and faster until it’s nearly impossible to survive.  Check out the hints and cheats below to see how to last the longest!


Cheats & Hints

Try to avoid the middle area, a lot of phantoms seem to fall there.

Pay attention to where the phantoms have been falling.  If an area has had a lot of them fall in it, there will probably be a break there shortly.

  1. By the Way KITTEN< No need to brag and say "I always win" Just saying 🙂 Anyway I LOVEEEEE Falling Phantoms, ITS SOOOO FUN!!!!

  2. Nice 🙂

  3. no. no .no. no. for me it always ends up being that you WANT to be in the middle because you have more room to run away. if your in a corner and a big phantom is coming in the opisite direction your STUCK. i stay in he middle,i always win. -lucky13kitten

    • No because at have clock the middle and the coin spots become deadly areas I reckmend staying away from those areas


  5. hi ppl animal jam rocks

  6. Are you a memmbership Abigail

  7. I wish membership didnt existed so then you could have EVERYTHING

  8. If you’re a NM, It’ll be fine in a row…

  9. Not that Sad Abigail… 😉

  10. That’s pretty good, well, it’s fair now, in games. Cause, Members aren’t sometimes fair. 🙂

  11. I also find that the phantoms go after the members first wihich is sad but true

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