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There have been many Jammer bloggers and Youtubers over the years, but only a handful have truly become famous in Animal Jam.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most famous Jammers in the game and see how they got there.

Most of the famous Jammers have gotten their fame in one of two ways – Youtube or blogging (or both!)  First let’s take a look at some of the most famous Youtubers in Animal Jam.

Famous Animal Jam Youtube Channels

Youtube has become one of the most popular places for Animal Jam fans to visit.  There they can see videos from other Jammers about anything related to the game, even conspiracy theories!


WisteriaMoon has been uploading Animal Jam videos since March 2013, making her channel the oldest of our top 3 youtubers.  At the time of writing this, her channel has over 250k subscribers and nearly 30 million total views!

Her videos cover everything from unboxing Animal Jam toys to recreating Animal Jam dance moves in real life.  She also makes funny skits and other informative videos.


Julian2aj, commonly referred to as just “julian2” is one of the most talked about Jammers in Animal Jam.  He began making videos in June of 2014 and has since gotten over 31 million youtube views.

Julian2’s videos cover many Animal Jam topics including rumors and glitches.  He’s most well known for his in-depth videos about different parts of the game.  If you watch some of his videos, you’ll probably learn about something you haven’t noticed before!


Aparri has the youngest channel of our top 3 Youtube stars, it was started in February 2015.  However, in the last two years it has quickly grown to become the most popular AJ Youtube account of all time.  He has over 315k subscribers and almost 70 million views!

By now, Aparri has definitely become a household name around Animal Jam and is quite possibly the most famous Jammer ever.  Like the other popular youtubers, he makes funny videos, guides, and more.

Famous Animal Jam Bloggers

Another popular way for Jammers to interact with eachother is on blogs.  Animal Jam blogs have been around ever since the game came out.  Many Jammers have created blogs because it’s a fairly quick and easy way to share their Animal Jam experiences.


Snowyclaw owns and manages the Animal Jam Spirit Blog.  She started the blog in June of 2011, almost 6 years ago!  Her blog has gotten over 14 million views since then.  Even though Snowyclaw isn’t around as much these days, she still has a staff of other Jammers who continue to keep her blog updated.

She also has a very popular youtube channel where she uploads a few videos each month.  From what I’ve read in her bio, she says she’s a bit shy, but she seems like one of the nicest Jammers I’ve seen.


Chocolate4050 aka Scooter is the founder of the Animal Jam Sky Blog.  He started his blog in 2013 and then decided to shut it down in 2014.  However in December 2016, he brought it back and has been posting at full speed since then.

Scooter is great about keeping up with the latest item updates in Jamaa along with other helpful guides.


The Animal Jam Whip is a blog founded in 2012 by Nafaria9.  She has since kept the blog updated with lots of news and guides for Animal Jam.

How to Become Famous in Animal Jam

Now that you’ve learned about some of the most famous Jammers, you might be wondering how to become famous in Animal Jam?  Well I have a few tips that might help on your way to Animal Jam stardom.

  1. Start a blog –  A blog basically becomes your “home base” for all of your Animal Jam content.  You can post your pictures, videos and thoughts all in one place for other Jammers to see!
  2. Start a Youtube channel – As you can see from the list above, the most famous Jammers are very active on Youtube.  It’s a great way to build your fame by creating videos that other Jammers will want to watch and share with their friends.
  3. Share on social media sites – Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more great places to share your Animal Jam content.  This is a quick way to reach lots of other Jammers who will be interested in your blog and videos!
  4. Give it time – Nobody becomes famous in Animal Jam overnight.  It takes time to get your name out around Jamaa so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t happen right away.  Just keep creating great videos and posts and make sure to share them and eventually, you might become a famous Jammer!

I hope you enjoyed learning about some famous Jammers and that you’ll find these tips helpful.  Who are your favorite famous Jammers?  Did I miss anyone?  What are your best tips for becoming famous in Animal Jam?

  1. um, how do you start a blog?

  2. You are forgetting about Madjaster! He was huge during the 2012-2015 years because of his awesome clan role playings. Since you guys upped the rules on Animal Jam, it’s hard to role play like we did back then. I believe he quiet awhile back due to his membership being expired and being banned all the time. There is a lot more famous Animal Jammers out there that AREN’T just Youtubers! Should come online sometime to check out the true famous JAMMERS!

  3. How do you start a blog? My mom won’t let me on YouTube because I’m just a kid and not Facebook Twitter or Instagram either. And I don’t know how to start a blog… please tell me!

  4. I really wanna be famous but I will have to wait in till I’m old enough for YouTube channel but until then I need to get more stuff in aj and make a main outfit get a headdress long collar and more and I will also get a better den and animal my ussername is koala0045 on laptop and is arcticwolf0045 on play wild version

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