Fearsome Falcon in Animal Jam!

We are now in 2019, and just like previous years, AJHQ has decided to start the new year with a blast of new content. The latest animal addition to Animal Jam is the amazing Fearsome Falcon! The Fearsome Falcon is a flying and land animal, added to the game on January 1, 2019. It first came bundled up in the Fearsome Kingdom Bundle, but is now available at the Diamond Shop as well. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Fearsome Falcon!

Animal Jam Fearsome Falcon Appearance

The Fearsome Falcon is truly an amazing animal. By default, it has a lavender back, wings and head, with a white chest and neck. You will also find black and white patterns on its back and head, as well as on its wings. The patterns look like curls and spirals. Its talons and beak have a light orange color, and its eyes are completely black.

The Fearsome Falcon also has a trail of the same patterns that you find on its body and wings. Those patterns will also be visible while the falcon is idle, or while it is sitting down. You can see what that trail looks like in the pictures below.

Fearsome Falcon Actions & Special Abilities

Similar to all the other animals in Animal Jam, the Fearsome Falcon has its own set of special abilities. Let’s check out what those abilities look like.

The sit ability makes it sit straight up. It appears to be full of pride as it is looking quite tall.

The dance ability makes it do a classic dance move where it moves its wings from one side to another as if it were a wave. It also moves it head side to side while doing so.

The sleep ability makes it sit down with its wings to its sides and its neck tucked in. Its eyes are closed and you can see its head slightly moving up and down.

The hop action makes the falcon flap its wings and go up into the sky. After a few flaps, it lands back down and keeps repeating this.

Lastly, the play action makes it flap its wings and fly up high, after which it dives down and do a somersault to return back to its original position.

Fearsome Falcon Codes for Animal Jam

The Fearsome Falcon is a brand-new animal, very recently released. This means that AJHQ will definitely not release any codes for it. Luckily, the animal is still sold at the Diamond Shop, and you can go buy one for yourself for only 10 Diamonds.

It should be noted that the Fearsome Falcon is a members-only animal. This means that you need an Animal Jam membership to be able to purchase it. If you currently don’t have enough Diamonds to purchase the falcon, you can use your daily spins to collect some free Diamonds.

Lastly, you could also purchase a Membership, or extend your current Membership to receive the Fearsome Kingdom Bundle, which contains the Fearsome Falcon as well!

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