February/March 2016 Free Animal Jam Membership Giveaway

Hey everyone!  It’s a new month so that means it’s time for another Animal Jam membership giveaway in 2016!  This giveaway will be open during February and March of 2016.

Enter below for your chance to win a 3 month Animal Jam membership!  It’s easy to enter, just follow the directions below.  The winner will be chose at the end of March and will be announced in April.

You can find the giveaway entry form near the bottom of this page.  All you have to do is share this contest with your friends on social media and you’ll be able to enter.  If you win the membership giveaway, you will get an email from me in early April.


You must use your real email address when you enter the giveaway because that’s how I’ll contact you if you win.  The winner will have one week to reply to my email and I will send you the membership code.  Some people try to use fake emails and I don’t want the code to be lost if it gets sent to the wrong place!

This Animal Jam membership giveaway is for a 3 month membership card.  The winner will be emailed the card code.  Also included with the membership is 10 free diamonds and 6000 gems!  That’s enough to buy a new goat animal!

You have until 3/31/16 to enter the giveaway contest and the winner will be chosen in April of 2016.  That’s two whole months you have to enter so make sure you do it!

Simply click on one of the social media sharing buttons below to get started!  After you share this contest you’ll be able to see the entry form.

Good luck to everyone who enters the February/March 2016 Animal Jam membership giveaway!  Don’t miss your chance to have a membership in 2016!

Animal Jam Giveaway Entry Form

Step 1: Click on the Facebook, Twitter or G+ button below to share this contest with your friends on social media.  You’ll see the entry form after you share this contest with your friends.

Step 2: Type your name and email address in the entry form.

Step 3: Click “Submit Query” and your name will be entered in the drawing for the Feb/Mar 2016 membership giveaway!

The February/March membership giveaway is now closed, thanks everyone who entered! Click here to enter the Summer 2016 Membership Giveaway.

The winner of the giveaway will be chosen at the end of March 2016 and announced in April.  Thanks for entering!

  1. its so nice

  2. My birthday is in Jan I want a membership for my birthday……. if I got a membership it would be the best birthday gift EVER!!! I love Animaljam,tunneltown,and Animaljamplaywild. My user is hskhf3 and or hskhf

  3. i want to get a free membership, my birthday is in march and to win the membership would be the best birthday present ever. i am a huge animal jam/ Nat Geo fan. i love learning about animals and im planning on going to college to get a job where i can help animals and learn more about them like you guys. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION THANK YOU SOOO MUCH love you all <3

  4. Hi I am submitting for the animal jam free give away! I really always wanted to be a member and see what its like to trade with lots of other friends cool stuff! But as a non member no one wants to trade with me sadly. I really hope I can be a member and that I win because then, I could show the other jammers what a cool jammer I am and how they where wrong and that member or non-member can always be cool jammers. Then I would have friends that would actually be a friend cause, non of my friends really log on and when they do, they ignore me and won’t let me play with them. When I go o their den, they just lock it or just go away. But if I be a member I’ll tell them that member or not I can still be accepted. Anyone can. Even though jammers tell me that I can still tell them without being a member but when I do they don’t listen and I end-up at my den sad and lonely. So if I be a member they WILL pay attention to me when I speak to them. I REALLY HOPE THAT I CAN MAKE IT PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ I feel so desperate when I’m lonely! This is the only thing that could help!!!

    – your one and only desperate lolipoplove0987☺♥☺♥☻♥☻♥☺♥

  5. I been playing animal jam for 3 years now and I never had membership
    And u can see for yourself my account name is Abbygirl22 and look at my animals I never had any membership animals and u can even check my trophys I never got the membership so if I win this giveaway thank so much♥

  6. I have played for at least 3 years. I love this game so much. I haven’t had a membership because my family says its too much money. I try to enter all the giveaways but haven’t won. I just hope I get lucky this time.

  7. animaljam you are awesome i would like to get that membership on animaljam I REALLY WANT THAT please give it to me i cant afford it if i do it will be awesome i was playing animal jam for years like when i was 5 i started now i am 9 and i would like that member ship please animal jam you are awesome and i cant play anything accept this i will not stop till i be a membership for 3 moths or 12 months i ask my mom she say no i ask all my brothers they are 6 brother and 2 sister they all say no lodly i am sad and i think i can desserve it i was being nice to peaple to get membership i was waiting all day long i am sad very sad my user is smoh2209 and i want MEMBERSHIP

  8. Memberships to anything is rare to me. I’m not bulling anybody, playing fairly on AJ and enjoys playing it. I don’t just play on Animal Jam, I LEARN from Animal Jam. My parents are short on money, and we can’t afford $50 for a 1 year membership and 1 month isn’t worth it.

    Thank you very much!
    hellopeoplei (My Animal Jam username)

  9. plz can i win


  11. I would really like that membership gift card cuz it was always ym dream to eb a member i would of cry of happiness if i would win this 🙂

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