Ferocious Feline AJ Bundle

If tigers, lions and other cat-like animals are your favorite, there is a bundle on Animal Jam that is made just for you! The Ferocious Feline Bundle has a ton of feline-related clothing items, den items and other goodies inside. If you are looking to create your own pride, and make your den look like a lion’s kingdom, you should definitely take a look at this bundle!

The Ferocious Feline Bundle was originally released on May 1, 2018, and was available until the end of May, 2018. In order to obtain the bundle, you would need to purchase a membership of at least one month on the official Animal Jam Membership website. Players that already had a membership would need to extend it by at least one month, in order to get the bundle. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Ferocious Feline Bundle, and its amazing items.

AJ Ferocious Feline Bundle Contents

Every time AJHQ releases a promotional bundle like this, it usually contains around the same amount of items. You get an animal, a pet, a full set of clothing items and a whole bunch of den items. The Ferocious Feline Bundle is no exception to that.

The bundle contains the Lion animal, as well as a Pet Lion Cub. These look absolutely amazing, and will definitely make you the center of attention. You get to run around, and roar as you see fit. Your Pet Lion Cub will be like your child, following you wherever you go.

You also get a full set of clothing items. The items in question are as following; Ferocious Feline Hat, Ferocious Feline Collar, Ferocious Feline Fur, Ferocious Feline Paws and Ferocious Feline Tail. In the pictures below, you can see what the entire set looks like.


Lastly, you will get a whole set of den items of the same theme. The items match with the rest of the bundle, and will make your den look awesome. Since there are so many items, I will not name them all. However, you can see what they look like in the pictures below.


How to Get the Ferocious Feline Animal Jam Bundle

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to get the Ferocious Feline Bundle. It was available as a promotional offer between May 1, 2018 and May 31, 2018. If you didn’t purchase/extend your membership during that time period, you didn’t get the bundle.

That being said, it is always possible to get all of the clothing items, den items and even the Pet Lion Cub by trading. The bundle isn’t that old yet, so it is very likely that there are Jammers out there that are willing to part ways with their Ferocious Feline Bundle items.


As stated above, you could always try to obtain the individual items by trading with others. You should always keep in mind that, when a trade is too good to be true, it probably is. Never get rushed into trading with anyone, and always make sure to check the items before you accept.

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