First New Animal of 2018 Announced!

Happy New Year Jammers!  We’re back with the latest Animal Jam update for 2018.  Last year was full of new additions to Animal Jam so I can’t wait to see what happens this year!

After all of the exciting events last year, it’s going to be tough for AJHQ to top it!  But I’m sure they’ve got lots of surprises up their sleeve for this year.  What new things do you want to see in Animal Jam?

For those of you who missed out on Sir Gilbert’s Palace in the past, you’re in luck because it’s back at the Diamond Shop!  His den has all of the cool features you’d expect from a real palace.  Head on over to the Diamond Shop to get a look for yourself!

Another exciting announcement is that it’s finally cold enough for the Arctic Armor to return. It’s only here during the winter so make sure you get a set while you can.  If you want to get out of the cold for a while, go on over to the heatwave party and warm up for a bit.  Nothing like a nice sunny day at the beach to take your mind off the freezing temps!

A couple weeks ago AJHQ teased us with horseshoe prints in the snow.  A lot of Jammers were confused since there are already horses in Jamaa.  Well it turns out that there are even bigger horses coming to Animal Jam – Clydesdales!  I can’t wait to see how they actually look in the game especially compared to other horses.  Check back for more about Clydesdales soon!

Have you ever wanted to help grant wishes for other Jammers?  Well now you can (pretend) to do it while wearing the new genie outfit!  This would be a fun way to continue the giving and acts of charity around Jamaa.  So get yours today!

It may still be freezing in Jamaa but AJHQ is already looking ahead to spring time.  There’s a new Adopt-A-Pets series with Spring Cottages to store your new pets!  You can find them at Animal Jam retailers like Target and Wal Mart.

That’s the first bit of news updates for Animal Jam in 2018.  From what I can tell, there are even more big announcements to come this year so check back soon!

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