Fixing Gift Card Redemption Issues

Sometimes you might have issues when it comes to redeeming your PIN or Animal Jam gift card, although this does not happen often, it is something you need to know how to try to fix on your own before contacting staff.


If you get a message that says “Oops! Looks like that code didn’t work. Try again!” then you need to know that the PIN you entered was not recognized as being valid. Try to reenter the PIN to make sure that you are typing it in exactly as it says on the gift card. Sometimes you could just be hitting the wrong letter, so always try to reenter to see if that works.

If you get “Oops! This code has already been used” message on the screen, then this means that the PIN was already redeemed before. If you contact Animal Jam, Head Quarters can look into the issue if you email an image of the back of the card and your receipt. You also should include your parent email and your username for the account you want to redeem the card onto.

If you get the message “This product is inactive” then that means the gift card was not activated at the time you purchased it. You can return the gift card with your proof of purchase to the location you bought it and then the retailer’s customer service policy will show you what you need to do to get the card activated. The store where you bought the gift card has to do the activation and this cannot be done by contacting Animal Jam.

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  1. I rlly want membership gift card even though im a member its sad that that there no walmart in tphe uk

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