Flamingos in Animal Jam – Codes & More!

Have you ever wanted an animal in Animal Jam that was both able to run and fly at the same time? If so, you are in luck, because the Flamingos are in Animal Jam! These tall, pink birds were announced on July 20th of last year, but made their way into Animal Jam on August 3rd.

The developers over at Animal Jam sure know how to make their players curious about any new animals being released. They first released the picture below. The image is not clear. This makes it impossible to guess what type of new animal they were about to release.

Once some time passed by, there was another entry in the Jamaa Journal. This time, they did not keep the Jammers hanging, and announced the Flamingo. Many players were very happy about this update, since they finally found out that the new animal in Jamaa would be a bird. There are far too few birds in Animal Jam, which is why the Flamingo is a nice addition.

Animal Jam Flamingo Pictures

I have taken a closer look at the Flamingo. At first glance, the Flamingo looked tall, and very pink. It stands on one leg, and it flies around when you click on any location. I also checked out the Flamingo’s moves and actions, which are pretty cool overall! Let’s take a closer look to what the Flamingo in Animal Jam is really all about.

If you want to own a Flamingo in Animal Jam, you will have to go to the Diamond Shop in the Jamaa Township. Once there, head on over to the building with the Diamond banners on it. Inside the Diamond Shop, you will need to click on the giant Wolf Statue. The Flamingo is on the second, or the third page. Like many other animals, the Flamingo costs 10 Diamonds.

Unfortunately, the Flamingo is a members-only animal. This means that non-members won’t be able to purchase one. As a member, you can easily get your hands on 10 Diamonds. You’ll have to log in and make use of the daily free spin. This way, you can win free Diamonds.

After clicking on the Flamingo in the Diamond Shop, you will have to pick a cool name for it. Maybe something with Tall, or Pink, would be a good idea. Of course, you are able to change your Flamingo’s appearance, just like any other animal that you own in Animal Jam. While standing still, the Flamingo stands tall on one leg, and simply wiggles around a little bit.

Let’s check out some of the Flamingo’s actions. The first action is sitting. This makes the Flamingo kneel down on its legs. It appears to be in a very relaxed state when doing so.

The second action that I really wanted to check out was how the Flamingo would dance, and I was definitely not disappointed. The Flamingo appears to wave its wings, and also jumps around on both its legs.

If you don’t feel like dancing, but want to keep your Flamingo fit, you can also tell it to hop around. After jumping up high, the Flamingo will slowly descent by fluttering its wings.

The Flamingo has one of the coolest play actions I have ever seen in Animal Jam. Bamboo sticks appear, and the Flamingo bends over and does the limbo. Once it reaches the other side, it will repeat itself and do it again. This continues until you move around.

Moving, hopping and dancing around will surely make your Flamingo tired. While sitting is a good way to rest, you should also check out how the Flamingo sleeps. Just like sitting, the Flamingo will kneel down, but will also put its head down and close its eyes.

Flamingo Codes for Animal Jam

It is pretty hard to come by any codes that actually unlock animals in Animal Jam. It has happened a few times in the past, but those codes were only available for a very short amount of time. Since the Flamingo is a members-only animal, you will need an Animal Jam membership to buy one. The Flamingo can be bought at the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds. There are currently no mentions of any codes to get the Flamingo for free in Animal Jam.

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