AJPW Forest Gauntlets

Players that like forest animals, and enjoy running around in the forest areas of Play Wild, will want to wear matching apparel items. What other item would be better suited for this than the Forest Gauntlets. These boots will make you look like a true forest explorer, ready to step into the wild and find adventures. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Forest Gauntlets.

The Forest Gauntlets, also known as the Forest Boots, were first released in November 2015. It was one of the prizes for completing the Tiger Treasure Hunt. However, in May 2016, they were removed from the prize list. In September 2016, the Forest Gauntlets came back into Play Wild as part of the Tree House Bundle. This bundle was sold at the Sapphire Shop for 300 Sapphires. In October 2016, the bundle was removed, and the Forest Gauntlets haven’t returned since.

AJPW Forest Gauntlets Appearance

The Forest Gauntlets look just like regular boots that the animal wears on its paws. They come in teal, and have a zigzag pattern on the sides. This item comes in only one color variant. You can see what the gauntlets look like in the picture below.

How to Forest Gauntlets in Play Wild

In the past, you were able to get the Forest Gauntlets as a Tiger Treasure Hunt prize. However, it was removed from the prize pool in May 2016. The bundle that had the gauntlets in it was also removed from the Sapphire Shop. This means that there is only one way to get this item.


Currently, the only way to obtain Forest Gauntlets is by trading. You are first going to have to find a Jammer that has the gauntlets, and ask if he is willing to trade them with you. If they do want to trade with you, you will need to offer something of equal value in return. Keep in mind that the Forest Gauntlets are very rare, and they will not be cheap to trade for.

Forest Gauntlets Codes for Animal Jam Play Wild

I have searched the internet for Forest Gauntlets codes, but unfortunately, there are no codes available for this item. There are some websites that claim they have working codes, but they usually require you to download shady programs, which you should never do. Do you know of any useful codes for Play Wild? We would appreciate it if you shared them with us in the comment section down below.

  1. Jammers have been saying that the forest set is coming back tomorrow. (4/11/19)
    I hope this isn’t fake news again. 😛

  2. My user is Musicallygirl250 so if you’d like to offer for my gauntlets come to mi den 🙂

  3. As many of you i came here looking for forest Gauntlets but I cannot seem to get them im trying to get very rare items including forest and double so if you have any and are willing to trade my username is


    my list will be on trade and if not ive found what im looking for thx

  4. Can some one treade me forest gauntlets ny got sceammed please it’s my dream my user is natalee7897

  5. hello a few days ago my blackout and forest were scammed as well as a few other items. if you are kind enough to trade me my forest boots back I would be glad. my username is lexythecute12 thank you 🙂

  6. If you have any spare forest gauntlets you can trd me them please ;-; i cant seem to get them sadly so trd meh your spares

    username artpaws123

  7. If anyone is willing to trade me forest gauntlets plz do so mine were scammed my user on ajpw is Rissa921.

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