Best Free Animal Games for Kids 2018

There are so many different animal games for kids these days that it’s hard to tell which ones are the best.  Children have more options for both computer and mobile games than ever before.  With developers constantly releasing new animal games, it’s difficult to know what free games are safe and still fun for your kids.

That’s why I’ve created a list of the top 10 best free animal games for kids in 2018!  These games are all highly rated and come from trusted websites and developers.  There’s a mix of mobile app games and browser games so you can find the best animal games on all platforms.

Another great thing about all of these children’s animal games is that they’re all free to play!  That’s right, no charge to start playing.  Note that some of these games have optional paid memberships or in-game purchases.  But all of these can be tested and played for free without having to pay.

Top 10 Free Animal Games for Kids – Best Computer & Mobile Games 2018

Here’s my list of the top 10 best animal games for children.  If your kids love animals then these games are perfect for them!  Not only are these games fun to play, but many of them are also educational.  Players can learn about animals, enhance social skills and even gain financial knowledge.

So without further wait, these are the best kids animal games I’ve found for 2018.  Enjoy!

10. Animal Planet Addictive Games


Platform: Browser

Price: Free

Animal Planet has long been a favorite television channel for everything related to animals.  A lesser known fact is that they have a selection of kid’s animal games on their website!  These games are all free to playon the computer.  Most are suitable for kids of any age but be sure to get approval before playing.

9. San Diego Zoo Kids Games


Platform: Browser

Price: Free

The San Diego Zoo is a wonderful place for the whole family to see all kinds of different animals.  Not everyone lives close enough to visit so they’ve created a great website that anyone can explore!  On their site they have a handful of browser games like Safari Park Adventure and Living Legends.  These games give kids a fun opportunity to learn about animals while they play.

8. Wildcraft: Animal Sim Online 3D


Platform: Android | iOS

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Players of Wildcraft Animal Sim are given the task of raising a family of animals in the wild.  This RPG style game allows players to freely explore the 3D world map while playing mini-games, challenges, and battles.  Choose from a fox, wolf, or lynx and to start playing!

7. Mini Pets


Platform: BrowserAndroid | iOS

Price: Free (in-app purchases on mobile)

Miniclip is one of the longest standing developers of browser games for kids of all ages.  Their game Mini Pets gives players the opportunity to build an animal shelter to take care of a wide variety of pets.  There are over 120 different animals in this game so it’s a sure hit for any animal lovers.  Mini Pets is available on the computer and both major mobile platforms.

6. National Geographic Kids Games


Platform: Browser

Price: Free

National Geographic Kids is one of the most reputable sources for children’s education and fun!  Their website features a combination of both – lots of free animal games and a ton of information about all kinds of animals.  The browser mini games are all free to play and are very entertaining.

5. Pet Shop Story


Platform: Android | iOS

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


Animal Jam is the best free animal game for kids online.  Not only is Animal Jam fun and safe to play but it’s also educational.  And best of all, it’s free!


About Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online game for kids developed by National Geographic.   Children are able to explore a virtual world called Jamaa in this free game.  This world consists of many different types of geographic areas that are home to all sorts of animals.  Jamaa also features many multimedia activities for kids to participate in.

Kids of all ages can enjoy the wide range of interactive lessons and games found in Animal Jam.  They can learn about different plants and animals from all over the world while safely playing online.  A journey book keeps track of the different species found and includes information about each animal.  Players can customize their own animals and even decorate a “den” to live in.


Since Animal Jam has an online community of over ten million players, safety is a top priority.  Kids are able to communicate with other players through chat and save their friends to a list.  Chat has an automatic filter to prevent swear words and other bad language.  All interactions in Animal Jam are moderated by adults to ensure that your child is safe and secure while playing the game.

Parents also have access to their child’s account through a parental dashboard.  Here you can manage any Animal Jam accounts your children may have.  The dashboard allows parents to view any account information including the amount of time played and any warnings their child has received.  Chat settings can also be modified using the dashboard to increase or decrease safety restrictions.



Animal Jam is a free game available online for kids to play.  Players can access many features with a free Animal Jam membership.  Free members are able to collect animals, interact with other players, and customize animals too.  Animal Jam is truly the best free animal game for kids online.  However, there is the option to purchase a membership if desired.

Paid Animal Jam members have access to more content than free members.  They are able to play more games and choose from a wider range of animal clothing and accessories.  Some of this content is exclusive to paid members and can only be unlocked with a monthly membership.  Free Animal Jam players can still get a lot out of the game and have plenty of things to explore.



The last reason that Animal Jam is the best free animal game for kids is that it is educational.  Kids are able to explore a vast world full of different animals and geography.  Throughout the game they collect information on different species and learn about the world in which they live.

There are numerous interactive features like videos that educate kids about the animals, their habitat, diet, and more.  National Geographic Explorers like Brady Barr make appearances in Animal Jam to further your child’s learning experience.  Animal Jam is packed full of learning opportunities for kids.


When looking for free animal games for kids, look no further than National Geographic’s Animal Jam.  Not only is Animal Jam a fun, interactive game for children, it’s educational too.  This game shows kids different animals from all over the world and gives them a safe community to interact with.  Best of all, Animal Jam is free so there’s no risk to try it!

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