AJ Friends with Pets Toys

AJHQ saw their success with plush toys, and decided that they will continue releasing physical toys. The Friends with Pets Toys is another collection of Animal Jam toys that have been released. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the collection.

As the name of the toys already suggests, the toys come with an animal figure and a pet figure. Each package has a three inch animal figure, a one inch pet figure and three interchangeable accessories. Those accessories can be fitted into the small holes on the animal, such as their head and back. Each package also comes with a unique, redeemable code for an in-game item.

Animal Jam Friends with Pets Toys

There are a total of six Friends with Pets Toys. As stated above, each of them come with a code that can be redeemed in Animal Jam to receive an in-game item. Let’s take a closer look at the six different Friends with Pets Toys, and the in-game items that you can unlock with the codes.

Posh Raccoon and Pet Kitty

The first toy in our list is the Posh Raccoon and Pet Kitty. The animal figure is a yellow and purple raccoon, with a blue police hat on its head. The Pet Kitty is green and purple in color. This toy comes with a redeemable code for the Police Chief Hat in-game item.

Sir Penguin and Pet Bunny with Code

The Sir Penguin and Pet Bunny has a mainly white and blue penguin animal figure, who also has a purple sailors hat and yellow wings. The Pet Bunny is completely purple in color. Redeeming the code that comes with this toy will reward you with the Windjammer Hat.

Cool Koala and Pet Pony

The Cool Koala figure is completely pink, with light brown highlights around its eyes and belly. It has a lady bug on its right ear and a shiny hat. The Pet Pony is light blue in color, with purple highlights on its hooves, tail and mane. You will get the Elegant Butterfly Wings in-game item for redeeming the code that comes with this toy.

Sunny Bunny and Pet Ducky

The Sunny Bunny figure is completely white, and comes with a gem in its left ear, a shiny gold hat and has wings on its back. The Pet Ducky is completely yellow, with orange feet and beak. This toy comes with a redeemable code for the Mystical Faerie Wings.

Lucky Monkey and Pet Puppy

The Lucky Money figure is quite popular. It is blue and green, has a shiny earring, pink hat and pink wings. It comes with a Pet Puppy, which is white and has purple highlights on its face. You will get the Fancy Beret in-game item after redeeming the code that comes with this toy.

Von Otter with Pet Hamster and Code

The Von Otter and Pet Hamster is the last toy in our list. It comes with a purple and blue otter figure, which has a slice of pizza on its head, a shiny butterfly on its chest and green wings. The Pet Hamster is light pink and dark pink in color. The toy comes with a redeemable code for the Epic Pizza Hat.

Where to Buy AJ Friends with Pets Toys in Stores

First of all, there are several listings for the Friends with Pets Toys on Amazon. They also seem to be in stock, and are sold for anywhere between $4 and $8.

You can also find the Friends with Pets Toys on eBay, which are sold by 3rd party sellers, as well as toy collectors. The listings on eBay tend to be more expensive. There are also some random toy websites that sell Animal Jam products, which you can find by using a search engine.

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