Friendship Festival Begins!

Hey Jammers!  It’s February so that means it’s time for the Friendship Festival in Jamaa.  Let’s see what it’s bringing this year!

You can find new friendship items scattered throughout the shops in Jamaa.  There’s also a Friendship Party so make sure to check that out and celebrate with your buddies!

Members will be happy to hear that the inventory limit has been increased to 100o den items.  No more having to pick and choose which items you keep to make room for new ones.  I’m excited to see what else 2017 has to offer for everyone.

If you’re looking to get into the spirit of the Friendship Festival, then what better way than turning your den into a friendship cottage?  You can purchase the friendship cottage at the Diamond Shop.

There’s also a fun adventure for all Jammers where you can help deliver all of the Valentines!  Go check it out and you can even earn prizes.

AJHQ has continued to update the chat system to make things safer and more fun for players.  The newest improvement allows you to view another Jammer’s player card by clicking on their name in your chat history.  How convenient is that?!

Safer Internet Day is a yearly holiday dedicated to helping people stay safe online.  There are banners around Jamaa with useful tips to help you stay safe.  Take the online safety quiz at the Conservation Museum to see how much you know!

National Geographic is hosting an international photography contest to find the most amazing wildlife photos taken by kids across the globe.  You can see last year’s winners by going to the bulletin board in Kimbara Outback.

Pandas will be leaving to travel in about 2 weeks so make sure you get yours before they go!  Llamas will also be returning from their travels soon so get ready for their return!

If you haven’t heard of the Animal Jam Box yet, you’re in for a treat!  It’s a new subscription program by AJHQ where they send you new and exclusive Animal Jam items every 3 months.  To learn more about the Animal Jam Box, you can read about it in my post here.

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