Fruit Slinger Cheats for Animal Jam


Fruit Slinger is a slingshot game that is very similar to Angry Birds.  Aim your fruit at the phantoms, hit each one to pass to the next level.  Each fruit has different abilities for hitting the targets.  There are ways to cheat at Fruit Slinger if you continue reading.


To play Fruit Slinger, click on the fruit in the slingshot and drag it back while aiming it up or down to hit the targets.  I have a cheat listed below.

Hint: While aiming up and down, watch for the orange outline of the arrow to shrink.  The areas where the outline are the smallest are where you want to shoot.

Level 1


The first level you only have Dragonfruit which is a basic berry to shoot at the phantoms, no special powers.



Level 2


On the second level you have both Dragonfruit and Acai Berries to shoot at the phantoms.

Acai Berries can spreadinto three separate berries if you click after shooting them.


Level 3


Level 3 has Dragonfruit, Acai Berries, and the addition of Horned Melons.

Horned Melons are a heavier berry that are good for knocking over structures.


Level 4


Level 4 has the berries from the previous levels with the addition of Star Fruit.

Star Fruit is a spinning fruit that cuts like a saw when shot at structures.


Level 5


Level 5 is the same as the previous levels but also has Lychee Fruit.

Lychee Fruit goes faster than any of the other fruits and goes through structures like a bullet when launched.



I hope this guide helps you advance in Fruit Slinger.  Remember to use the cheat, watch the outline of the arrow and shoot when the outline is thinnest.

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