Animal Jam Games

Each area in Animal Jam has its own games Jammers can play.  These mini games can range from racing to matching games.  Some games marked with green controllers are for members only.  The games with purple controllers can be played by all Jammers.

Players can earn gems and even special prizes by playing these animal jam games.  Some games are played against other Jammers while others are solo games.  You can even invite your buddies and challenge them to multiplayer games!

Some of these games can be difficult to win so I’ve created guides with cheats and tips for each one of them.  Hopefully you’ll be able to use these cheats to earn the most gems playing Animal Jam games!  Not every game has cheats but there are some helpful hints to guide you through each game.

How to Play Animal Jam Games

Games are located all over Jamaa in each map area.  When you’re exploring you’ll see them marked with an icon of a game controller.  Games with a green icon can only be played by Animal Jam members.

To play a game, just click on the controller logo!  Some games have different requirements like you need to have a pet with you.

Other games cost gems to play so make sure you read our cheats guides before playing these!

If you meet all the requirements to play a game, you’ll see the game intro screen.  Here’s an example of one of the games.

You can click on the blue button with the “i” on it for some game tips from AJHQ.  These tips are usually just general instructions for how to play the game.  They’re helpful if it’s your first time playing.  Keep scrolling for more tips and cheats for Animal Jam games that we’ve made!

Once you’ve read the instructions it’s time to play!  Each game is different and some are easier than others.  You just have to keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of them.  After you finish a game you’ll see the end screen which shows your score.  I got first place in this one!

Game Prizes in Animal Jam

When you win an Animal Jam game you get a prize!  A lot of times you win gems but you can also win other prizes too.  After you complete a round, the game will tell you how many gems you’ve won.  You can choose to keep playing and rack up more gems or you can leave and take your winnings!

Another cool thing about games in Animal Jam is they can also unlock achievements in the game.  If you’re not familiar with achievements in Animal Jam, it’s basically a way to keep track of all the neat things you’ve accomplished in Jamaa.  Check out our achievements guide to learn more!

Where to Find Games in Animal Jam

As I mentioned earlier, games are scattered all over the map in Animal Jam.  I think every single area in Jamaa has at least one game to play.  You can search all over the map to find the different games if you want.  But I think the easiest way to find most of the games in Animal Jam is by going to the Sol Arcade!

The Sol Arcade is located in Jamaa Township across from the Diamond Shop.  Inside you’ll find tons of the different Animal Jam games in one spot.  I think pretty much every non-member game can be found in the arcade.

So if you’re looking for a specific game that you want to play and you don’t want to wander all over Jamaa to find it, head on over to the Sol Arcade.  There’s so many games in there, it might be a while before you want to leave!

Cheats for Animal Jam Games

Games in Animal Jam are a great way to have fun and play with your buddies while earning gems.  Some games can be mastered pretty quickly while others take longer to build your skills.  AJHQ provides a few tips with each game, but sometimes those just aren’t enough.

I’ve made a list of (almost) all the games in Animal Jam and I’ve written a short guide for each one.  Inside the guides you’ll find some cheats and tips that I’ve learned while playing.

Some games in Animal Jam don’t have cheats but I’ve still included some tips and strategies for how to play them.  If you follow the guides it’ll help you get better at these games and win more gems!


Members-Only Games

Coming Soon!

Games in Animal Jam can be a fun way to earn more gems if you need some to make a purchase.  If you have any cheats or tips that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave a comment saying what they are.  This list of Animal Jam game cheats will be updated as soon as new cheats are discovered.

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