Animal Jam Garden Escape Bundle!

You might have noticed the new bundles on the Animal Jam website. If you purchase your membership directly on the AJ website, you get rewarded with a bundle of items/animals. We are going to take a look at the bundle for the month of September, which is called the Garden Escape Bundle. This bundle is available between 31 August and 30 September, 2018.

The Garden Escape Bundle is basically a promotional gift package. Jammers that purchase a new membership, or renew their membership on the AJ website, will receive this bundle for free. It includes a ton of clothing and den items, in-game currencies and a special animal! Let’s take a look at what is included in the Garden Escape Bundle.

Garden Escape Bundle Clothing Items

First, we will take a look at the clothing items. There is a total of five clothing items in this bundle. The clothing items all have the same theme, which is flowers. Wearing all of these will form an excellent set, because they match very well together.

Lily Tail

Daffodil Cuffs

Daisy Collar

Rose Cape

Tulip Hat


Bundle Den Items

Besides the clothing items, you will also find thirteen den items. There are a few very special ones in here, which we will take a closer look at. The den items also have a matching theme, and will work very well together.

The Royal Garden

The Royal Garden is one of the special items in this bundle. It was previously released back in December, 2011. After leaving the game in February of 2012, it now returns and is available through the Garden Escape Bundle. The Royal Garden is a den item, which has a nice garden, rose bushes, a pink pathway and a pink archway.

Liza’s Garden Den

The second special item in this bundle is Liza’s Garden Den. It was first released on March 30, 2017, and made available for purchase at the Diamond Shop. After getting removed from the store earlier this year, it is now included in the Garden Escape Bundle. Liza’s Garden Den is quite large, has a large house in it and has a Chinese architecture style. Next to the house, you will find gates, pathways, stairs, walls and more.

Blossom Pathway

Sand Garden

Magnolia Flower Tree

Garden Table

Garden Chair

Garden Lantern

Garden Umbrella

Floating Lily Lantern

Owl’s Nest

Daisy Chair

Daisy Sofa


Bundle Extras

This bundle comes with a few extras! The Owl is one of those extras. You will be able to fly around in Jamaa, and show the other Jammers that you have received the bundle! Some of the other extras are listed below.

Membership Added

10 Diamonds

1500 Gems

Important Note

If you want to get the Garden Escape Bundle, you need to make sure to buy/renew your Animal Jam membership through their website. Many Jammers use Gift Certificates, or buy Gift Cards, to buy/renew their membership. However, using those methods will not reward you with the bundle. The bundle is only available through the official website. Once bought, you will receive the bundle after you log in to Animal Jam.

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