Gazelle Horns – Animal Jam Rare

In Animal Jam and Play Wild, it is possible to make an animal appear like another animal by wearing all kinds of different clothing items. If you ever wanted to look like an amazing gazelle, the Gazelle Horns definitely will do the trick. These colorful horns are quite rare, and can only be worn by members. Today, we are going to take a look at what these horns are all about.

The Gazelle Horns were first released during the Beta Testing of AJ. Once the game got out of Beta Testing, the horns went on clearance, and weren’t seen in the shops for a while. In 2014, it made a comeback, until it went on clearance again on July 26, 2017. The horns returned for a third time, and have been available at Jam Mart Clothing since May 20, 2018.

Gazelle Horns Appearance

The Gazelle Horns are quite similar to that of the antlers of an actual gazelle, at least in their form. They are spiral-shaped, and quite large. They always have a two-toned color in the game. There are a total of nine different color variants, which also includes a Rare Item Monday one. In the pictures below, you can see what the different variants of Gazelle Horns look like.


Rare Item Monday Gazelle Horns

The Rare Item Monday Gazelle Horns were released back on March 20, 2013. They were only available for a day, so not many Jammers actually obtained one. The picture of the RIM version appears slightly different, but their shape and two-toned color scheme remains the same. You can see what the RIM version of these horns looks like in the picture below.

How to Get Gazelle Horns in AJ

It is actually quite easy to get Gazelle Horns for yourself. However, it should be noted that these horns are a members-only items, which means you need a membership to wear them.

Jam Mart Clothing

The cheapest way to get Gazelle Horns would be to go buy them yourself at Jam Mart Clothing. The horns are currently still sold here, and only cost 250 Gems. If you have enough Gems, you should probably buy a few of them, as they become quite rare when they go on clearance.


Once the horns go on clearance, the only way to get them would be by trading with others. In the beginning, they won’t be as rare, but as time progresses, you will need to offer more and more to get the horns.

Gazelle Horns Codes for Animal Jam

There are no codes available for these horns. If you know of any useful codes, leave a comment down below!

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