Gem Breaker Cheats for Animal Jam


Gem Breaker is a one or two player game found in Mt Shiveer.  The objective of Gem Breaker is to shoot the phantoms down before the gems reach your shooter.  Try to shoot your gems at two gems of the same color to break a combo.  To knock the phantoms down, you must form a combo above them to make them fall.

Gem Breaker has three modes of play: easy, medium, and hard.  I’d recommend starting on easy or medium to get the hang of it.  All you have to do is aim your gem at another group of gems and shoot it to form a combo.  Once three or more gems are connected, they break and anything under them falls.


On each level you have to knock down a certain number of phantoms by breaking the gems above them.  The higher levels have obstacle and other items that make it difficult to advance.


Cheats – You can bounce gems off the wall to get them around other gems.   Also try to keep the row of gems even so that one side doesn’t get too long.

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