Gem Squad Toys

Animal Jam Gem Squad figurines were first released around the beginning of 2018.  They quickly became a hot product because they’re fun to collect and they also come with an exclusive in-game code!  The Gem Squad toys have been difficult to find for some Jammers so I made this guide to help on your search.

Gem Squad figures are modeled after some of your favorite Animal Jam animals like the monkey, koala, seal and more!  I’m not exactly sure how many different variations of these toys there are, but it seems like there are quite a few.  Credit to Animaljambudgie for this screenshot.

Each toy comes individually wrapped in a cool looking diamond shaped package.  The top of the diamond is chrome and the bottom half is colored the same as the Gem Squad toy inside.  They’re hard to miss on the shelves with their flashy packaging!  So now the question is where can I buy them?

Where to Buy Gem Squad Toys

With all the hype around these new Animal Jam toys, the question of most Jammer’s minds is where can I buy Gem Squad figures??  I did some quick searches and I couldn’t find them listed online hardly anywhere.  Then I went back and read one of AJHQ’s posts about Gem Squad.

Wal-Mart Stores

It turns out that the Gem Squad figures are exclusive to Wal-Mart.  That means the only place these toys are officially sold is at Wal-Mart.  I tried checking on Walmart’s website but I couldn’t find them on there.  Hopefully they will sell them online in the future because not everyone lives near a walmart store.


If you don’t live near a Wal-Mart store, you aren’t totally out of luck.  While I was searching for the Gem Squad toys online I found them for sale on both Amazon and eBay.  But the catch is that these are not official Animal Jam sellers – these are resellers.  That means they bought the toys from Wal-Mart and are now re-selling them for a profit.

So on the plus side, this gives all Jammers a chance to buy Gem Squad figures even if you don’t live by a Walmart.  The bad thing is that buying the toys from a reseller is expensive.  I’ve seen them selling on Amazon and eBay for at least $40 per figure!  So it’s probably worth checking Wal-Mart first if you can.

Gem Squad Toy Codes

In addition to looking awesome, the Gem Squad figures come with something else that makes them even cooler!  Each toy comes with a unique code that will unlock a piece of the Crystal Pegasus armor set.  This armor set can only be unlocked with the codes from the Gem Squad toys.

There are 4 different pieces to the Crystal Pegasus armor set and each of them comes in 4 different colors: black, white, pink and blue.  So that means with every Gem Squad toy you buy, you have a chance to unlock one of 16 different armor pieces!

Like I said before, the codes from the Gem Squad figurines are one-time use so they can only be used by one Jammer.  If you want to unlock your own set of Crystal Pegasus armor, you’ll have to buy some of the toys for yourself.  Hopefully this guide will help you find the Gem Squad toys for sale!

  1. I cant even find 1 iv’e looked at 3 walmarts and I cant find em ughhhh stupid rare hogs buying 5 loads of the,

  2. I still cant Find them at walmart

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