Gingerbread Armor Codes

The Gingerbread armor set is a seasonal armor that appears at the Diamond Shop during the Jamaalidays.  The armor was first released in December 2016 and has returned to the Diamond Shop this year.  It’s a really “sweet” way to be festive during the Jamaalidays!

Gingerbread armor consists of 5 pieces which can be purchased separately.  Each piece costs 1-3 diamonds and is available for purchase by members only.  But if you’re not a member, don’t worry!  Maybe AJHQ will be generous during the Jamaalidays and give away some gingerbread armor codes.

I love armor sets that have special effects and the gingerbread armor is one of them!  The chimney on the helmet puts out little smoke clouds while you’re walking around town.  If you head down to the Diamond Shop you’ll find the set for sale during the Jamaalidays.

Each piece can be bought separately if you only want some of them.  Or buy them all to get the full gingerbread look!  You’ll be sure to bring Jamaaliday cheer wherever you go in Jamaa!

Gingerbread Helmet

Gingerbread Amulet

Gingerbread Armor

Gingerbread Gauntlets

Gingerbread Tail Armor

Many Jammers Jamaaliday wish would be to have a set of gingerbread armor to call their own.  Codes to unlock gingerbread armor would be the ultimate Jamaaliday gift.  Unfortunately I don’t know of any gingerbread armor codes right now but I wouldn’t be surprised if some come out eventually.

While we keep looking for codes, you could try asking other Jammers if they have any gingerbread armor they want to trade.  Sometimes other players get bored with their armor and want to trade for something new!  But you won’t find out unless you ask so either send them a nice message or you can comment here with what you’re looking for!

Another way to get gingerbread armor without codes is by getting an Animal Jam membership.  Members get tons of free diamonds just for logging into the game!  It’s easy to save up diamonds when you have a membership so you can buy all the armor sets you want.

If anyone knows any gingerbread armor codes or if you have trades, please post them in the comments below.  I’ll keep looking for codes and will update the page as soon as I find any!  Good luck with trading everyone!

  1. my name is Fuzzygoldenpaws48 please send buddy request. if anyone knows any codes, could you say them? i really want the gingerbread stuff. they look weird but cool. also, does anyone have any gingerbread armor on trade? i really really really want it.i think i’ve said that too many times now……

  2. buddy me please my username is kelly0055

  3. i would like the ginger bread amulet my animal jam username is animaljam3730

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  6. Wers the code??

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  8. right i’m called bunnydoughnut0 plz buddy me well gauntlets is sweetstep

  9. it says gingerbread armor codes you would think it would give you a code

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