Giraffes for Everyone & More!

We’re back this week with a big Jamaa Journal update!  There’s lots of news this week so let’s get into it.

Probably the most exciting news is first, giraffes are now available for all Jammers!  That’s right, any player can get a giraffe now, even non-members!


Next up is the announcement of new head feather accessories.  These new head accessories have twice as many feathers as the original ones.  If you’re wanting to get some then hurry, they’ll only be available for two weeks at the diamond shop!


Another exciting comeback this week is the return of pet honeybees to Jamaa.  In celebration of national honeybee day, pet honeybees are back!  There are lots of fun facts about honey bees all around Jamaa too.  Honeybee pets are available for all Jammers including non-members!


There’s a brand new adventure called Battle for the Beacon, now available for all Jammers.  I’ll be doing a written guide for it soon so stay tuned!

Ever wanted to swap pets with one of your buddies?  Well now you can!  Jammers can now trade their pets with other Animal Jam players.  Just add the pets you want to trade to your trade list and see what other Jammers will offer for them!


Another exciting bit of news is that the Alphas have discovered a mysterious wood carving.  They’re getting close to discovering a Heartstone for a new animal…  Can you tell what it might be from the woodcarving?  Leave your answers in the comments!


With all of the exciting new things that came to Animal Jam this week, there is a bit of sad news.  Arctic foxes will be traveling soon.  So if you’ve been waiting to get one, now is the time to do it!

But it’s not all bad news when it comes to traveling.  Rhinos have finally finished their journey and will be returning to Jamaa soon.  Keep an eye out for their return, they are hard to miss!


Don’t forget to check out the other two new adventures: Proving Ground & The Hidden Falls.  I’ve been a bit behind on the new adventure guides but I’ll be working on walkthrough guides for them very soon.

There’s now a new Adventure Command Post that can be found in the Sarepia Forest.  This is how you can access and play these new 2d adventures!


Last but not least, there’s a bunch of new Animal Jam toys including plushies, playsets, animals and pets!  So no matter what you like, there’s probably a toy for you.  These new Animal Jam toys are available in stores and online from Walmart, Toys R Us and Target.


That was a lot of updates for one week!  Check back soon for more Animal Jam news and walkthrough guides coming soon.

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