Goats in Play Wild!

If you like farm animals, the Goat is a must have in Play Wild. It was originally released on March 1, 2018, and sold at the Sapphire Shop for 150 Sapphires. It was also part of the Alpine Goat Bundle, which was sold for 250 Sapphires. Currently, the Goat can still be purchased at the Sapphire Shop for 150 Sapphires.

Play Wild Goat Appearance

The Goat in Play Wild looks exactly as you would imagine. It has a thick white overcoat, yellow or brown horns, which are curved, and a pink nose. Its eyes are black, and it appears to be smiling at you. On its chest, there is a tuft of fur, as well as on its forehead. In the picture below, you can see what the Goat looks like.

AJPW Goat Pictures

You probably wonder what the Goat looks like in Play Wild. Just like any other animal and pet, the Goat has a set of actions and special abilities. I have found pictures to show all of you what the special abilities and actions of the Goat looks like. Let’s take a look!

The dance action makes it shuffle its right front leg and hind leg up and down, followed by its left front leg and hind leg. After shuffling for a short time, it jumps up for a twist and starts to shuffle again.

The play action makes a barrel appear, which the Goat attacks with its horns. It then stumbles back, shakes its head and tries again.

The hop action simply makes the Goat jump up and down. It also appears as if it is kicking its hind legs back while it is jumping.

The sit action makes it sit down on its behind while having its chested puffed up. It also wobbles slightly, indicating that it is breathing.

The sleep action makes it sit down completely, and close its eyes. Its hear goes up and down slightly.

The next pictures show you what the Goat looks like when it is walking, running, walking over ice and when it is swimming in water.

Goat Codes for Play Wild

Even though the redeemable codes in Play Wild are amazing, you really don’t need one for the Goat. The animal is still sold at the Sapphire Shop for 150 Sapphires. If you don’t have enough Sapphires to purchase it, you can simply keep logging in every day to obtain Sapphires, at least, if you are a member.

If you know of any useful codes, leave a comment down below and let us know! We greatly appreciate any feedback that Jammers give us.

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