Got an Idea For Animal Jam? Learn How to Submit Yours

Hey Jammers! Today we are going to be talking a little about how you can submit your own ideas to Animal Jam. A lot of Jammers ask how can ideas and requests be submitted to the game? Some people have wonderful ideas about new contests that can be ran in Animal Jam or some Jammers want to see a specific item come back into the shops, but are often not sure where to look or ask for help.

aj question mark


If you are looking around Jamaa, you might see a purple icon, which appears on just about every area of the game and website. This purple icon is really a question mark, and if you click the purple question mark a box will come up that you can type into. You just type your ideas and requests into that box and then click the button to submit it. The people over at Animal Jam Head Quarters are always looking over the suggestions that have been submitted by Jammers, and they are implementing ones that they believe makes the game better or more fun for the players. Even if you think your idea or question is dumb, there is really no such thing as dumb, so feel free to ask away and you never know, your idea might be selected to be integrated into Animal Jam! Whether you are a parent or a child or just someone who has a question for the staff, click the purple icon and submit your question today.

  1. What if I want to request a new den and I have all the plans and everything? Cuz I’m pretty sure I can request that through those little purple buttons.

  2. i think animal jam should have a set of nonmember spikes that are really hard to get. i always moon over members’ spikes 🙁

  3. ajhq should make the albatross winter wolf narwhal puffin african painted dog maned wolf red panda snake yak and last but not least a antelope

  4. What are betas?

    • The betas are the items from the beta test times.They have big worth because the players cant buy them

  5. I think you guys should creat a lil adventure map for rare spike collores and some kids won’t be your friend eney more because u won’t give them the spike and treasure hunts can be hard to get so then so pls help us out thank u for reading this and it’s for iPad?

  6. i think aj should block messages like these so there is less scamming”trusting my den” “trade me i give spikes if i accept”

  7. I totally think that animal jams new animal should be a cute animal such as the rarest animal in jamma, the amazing leopard or a bat….

  8. Suggestions to make animal Jam better!
    -put a list of all items. Put how much its worth, the cost, name of item.
    -don’t take something away from non members to give to members. That would lead to riots. And debates etc…
    -make a better community. Take everyone’s ideas.
    -take out most of the beta items. Too much scams so why take the risk? Complains also. Plus we have rares so what’s the difference of betas?

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