Great Horned Owl – NEW Animal!

On December 6th, The Daily Explorer released a very exciting announcement. They introduced a new animal into Animal Jam, the Great Horned Owl. If you like all kinds of different feathery and flying animals, the Great Horned Owl is definitely an animal you need to keep an eye on!

While the Great Horned Owl was officially released on December 6, 2018, it was first confirmed on December 5, 2018. The animal is only a couple of days old, and can currently still be bought at the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds. Keep in mind that the Great Horned Owl is a members-only animal, so you will need a membership to purchase it. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Great Horned Owl, check out what it looks like and see its actions and abilities!

Great Horned Owl Appearance

The Great Horned Owl is truly a majestic animal. By default, it is a tall and proud animal. Its body is covered in dark-blue and teal feathers, while it has lighter feathers around its neck and head. It is called the Great Horned Owl because it has a set of small horn-like ears on its head. In the picture below, you can see what the Great Horned Owl looks like by default.

Great Horned Owl Pictures

Of course, we will also have to check out what the Great Horned Owl’s actions and special abilities. Just like all other animals, the owl has its own set of actions. First, we start off with the sit action, which makes the owl sit on its behind, its legs stretched out in front of it.

The dance action is probably the most popular action for the Great Horned Owl. The animal holds a pink stick, while it is waving its wings left and right. With the stick, the owl seems to be directing a band. The band consists of two chicks that each play a drum. There is also a Keytar, Violin and Saxophone, which seem to be played by themselves. There are also music note animations flying around while the dance action is active.

The sleep action makes the owl lay down in a pink nest and sleep. The two chicks from the dance action appear as well, but instead of sleeping, they are bouncing on the pink nest.

The hop action makes the owl spread its wings, jump up and go back down to fold its wings.

Lastly, the play action makes a broom appear, and the owl jumps on it to fly around in circles.

Great Horned Owl Codes for Animal Jam

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes available for the Great Horned Owl. However, that shouldn’t be a big problem, especially if you are already a member in Animal Jam. All you have to do is go to the Diamond Shop, click on the giant wolf statue and purchase the owl there.

If you currently don’t have 10 Diamonds to purchase the Great Horned Owl, simply come back every day to collect your free Diamonds from your daily free spin. You will collect 10 Diamonds in no time!

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