Greely’s Inferno Cheats & Guide

Greely’s Inferno is one of the newest Animal Jam adventures.  It’s up to you to stop the phantom king from erupting the volcano and destroying Jamaa.  Can you make it in time to stop him!?


First talk to Cosmo at the base of the volcano. He says it’s going to erupt any minute and you need to help Graham near the top of the volcano.

You need to make your way up to the top of the volcano as fast as you can! Use your boomseeds and the plants to take down the phantoms.


Watch out for the phantom guards! Be sure to turn off the switches as you go up the mountain.

Make sure you check the treasure chest when you get to this area.


Keep going up the mountain avoiding the falling phantoms and other dangers. Eventually you will find Graham, the monkey Alpha.


Graham tells you that the phantoms have corrupted the volcano, on the inside and outside! Luckily, he has a secret entrance nearby. Before you enter the volcano, Graham gives you a gear, part of his new invention, the Spotbright.

Now use a boomseed to clear the volcano entrance.


Enter the volcano and use the gear to activate the first Spotbright. Then turn the spotbright so it’s aimed at the crystal.


Go into the next area and be sure to grab some more boomseeds and a torch. Use the torch to light the large firepit.


Watch out for the phantom guard after you cross the bridge. Go to the left side to hide behind the pillar and then keep running straight to turn off the phantom switch.


This next part can be tricky. You need to find 4 Alpha Stones while avoiding all of the phantom guards and getting past the toxic sludge.

First, go to the left and climb all the way to the top to find the switch that turns off the phantom guards. This will make things much easier.


Next, find the two gears and put them into each of the Spotbrights.


Turn the two spotbrights like the picture below to open the next door.


Find the next gear and put it in this spotbright, then turn it like in the picture below.


Now go back down to the area below you. You need to find corks to plug the toxic drains so you can get to the Alpha stones. Some of the ground phantoms will drop a cork when you defeat them.


In this bottom area, there are a lot of mirrors that you need to turn in order to open the door. Once you activate the Spotbright with the gear, turn the mirrors like this to open the next door.


You’ll find another cork behind this door. Use it to plug another toxic drain. Go back up to the top area again and turn the mirrors to open the other door. There is another cork behind this door that you can use to plug the last drain.

Pick up the last Alpha stone and place it in the empty spot.


Enter the next area and be sure to pick up some boomseeds if you need them. When you cross the bridge, two phantoms will spawn on each side of you. Use your boomseeds to take them out.


When you get across the bridge, climb down to the right and open the treasure chest.


Then climb up to your left and enter the opening in the volcano. Watch out for the falling phantoms in this area!


When you get to the next area there will be a phantom guard but it’s pretty easy to avoid. Just run past it and turn off the switch. Climb all the way down the purple pipe until you get to this area. Use your boomseeds to destroy the phantom spawn plant, then pick up the cork.


Bring the cork up to the top of the toxic faucet and plug it. Then go back down and enter the doorway below.


Be careful of the phantom guard, run past it and turn off the switch! Climb up the next purple pipe and defeat the phantoms to find a gear. Use the gears to activate the two Spotbrights. The bottom spotbright should be aimed like this.


And the top Spotbright should be aimed like this.


Pick up some more boomseeds if you need them, then enter the doorway. Use your boomseeds to take out the phantoms then follow the purple pipes all the way down to find a cork. Use this cork to plug the next drain.


Go through the doorway and use your boomseeds to take out all of the phantoms. Follow the path until you get to the next purple pipe. Walk down the pipes until you get to the next checkpoint.


Wait until the walkway is not hot to cross it or you will get hurt! When you get to the next area, defeat the two phantoms then pick up the corks they drop to plug the drains. Once you’ve done that, Greely will appear.


Greely is angry that you’ve come into the volcano and he tells you that you need to distract the phantom king so the volcano doesn’t erupt. Enter the doorway to face the phantom king. Get near the phantom king to make him slam to the ground, then use your boomseeds on him while he’s down.


Once you have defeated the phantom king, talk to Greely. Greely tells you that the volcano is going to erupt anyways so find a way to escape!

When you get outside, talk to Cosmo and he will thank you for your bravery.


You did it! Thanks to you and Greely, Jamaa is safe once again!

  1. it won’t let me leave the volcano after i’ve defeated the phantom king. i think it might be glitching or something??/

    • Yeah, that happened to me. I think its a glitch. The only way to get out is to quit

      • Yikes I would not want to lose all my progress o_o

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      Jam on!
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      • thx for the info I will report her for all the things so she gets banned and I will also email ajhq and get them to ban her if the first thing don’t work 😉

  4. Hi guys! Does anyone know where to FIND the gears because i am having difficulties… If u want to buddy me my username is w1nt3rf79m3! tthx!

  5. i love doing that adventure! thx fur the tips! i completed it quickly with this help.

  6. I beat it in one minuet

  7. how the heck do you even GET onto greelys inferno?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. I was playing with my buddy, we were like 3 quarters there when she quit. I was so angry. So I quit. That was the furthest I ever got in Greely’s Inferno. I never ever gonna make it that far again DX. Any help people?

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    • Thank you!! but i was wondering about the codes…. do u think they could include codes about diamonds,bows etc… just a thought, cause if they knew u had that people would b swarming!!

  14. Is Greely alive?

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