Greely’s Inferno Released & Other News for 2014!

Today it was announced that Greely’s Inferno is now available for members to play.  It’s up to you to stop the phantoms from erupting the volcano and destroying Jamaa!  From the sounds of it, the volcano could be the least of your worries.  Be sure to check back because I’ll be posting a full walkthrough guide as soon as I have time to play the new adventure!

Now you too can live like an Alpha!  Cosmo’s den is now available for purchase at the diamond shop!  Also remember that the Jamaaliday Jam is still going on.  Go check out the party and buy some of the new winter items they have for sale!


Be sure to get your pet reindeer while you still can!  They’re only around for the Jamaalidays and you can find them in Jamaa and at the Jamaaliday Jam.  The Treetop Gardens store in the Sarepia Forest has new items for the Jamaalidays!  Stop in and get some festive new decorations for your den.


2013 is coming to a close so it’s almost time for a New Year’s party.  Get your party clothes on and get ready to bring in 2014 with an Animal Jam New Year’s party!  I’ll post more details as soon as they are available.


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Animal Jam in 2014!  What do you think they’re going to add to the game?  What would you like to see added to the game?


  1. I wish them to bring non rare haeddress back to jamaa for 2014 new year pls get headdress back to jamaa for 2014 i need one alot so please AJHQ get headdress back thank you.

  2. flying animals would be epic also please mention me somewhere i wanna b famous

  3. there is a mysterious feather in the journal today….. could it mean owls are gonna be animals to play as? that would be SO COOL!

  4. They should sell headdress in stores, or make a holiday called “bring back betas” and there will be a cart of beta items such as headress.

  5. They should add new dens!!!

  6. same abby

  7. I think you animal jam should allow all jammers to have as many pets and houses as they want. oh a pet they should add it a kangaroo.

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