Guide to Netiquette on Animal Jam

Netiquette might be a word you are not familiar with, but it is basically a guideline for acceptable behavior while online, and it is important that you follow these netiquette rules while playing an online game like Animal Jam. Right now we are going to talk a little bit about the basic netiquette rules that you should abide by at all times during Animal Jam, which can help keep you safe on the game.

The first rule when it comes to netiquette is making sure you are not sending out unsolicited messages, which is considered spamming. If you spam on Animal Jam you will likely be banned, especially if you do it more than one time.

You also do not want to use all capital letters, whether you are in the in-game chat or in another part of the website. Using all capital letters is considered yelling or shouting, and this is not proper netiquette, and could potentially get you banned or at least suspended.

You also want to make sure that you are not posting up personal information on Animal Jam, as everything that you post on the website, such as in the chat, is public and can be seen by everyone. Not only is posting personal information against the rules, but it also could put you at risk because someone could use your personal information against you, to harass you or cause you harm, and it’s not good netiquette.

Do not flame anyone in Animal Jam, such as in a chat, as this is bad netiquette and can get you suspended or banned from the game. Flaming is when you are hurling insults or hostile messages towards another player, and it is similar to harassment or bullying. Flaming is not tolerated at any time during Animal Jam, especially when it is geared towards another player.

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