Happy New Year + New Code for 2015!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great New Year celebration.  Who else is looking forward to 2015?!  Did any of you attend the New Years Party in Jamaa?  I wasn’t able to go because I was out of town but let me know how it was in the comments!


Has anybody else been playing the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure?  I hope they keep it around for a while longer because it’s available for everyone and I think it’s really fun!


Last but not least, there’s a new code for 2015 that was brought to my attention by some of our readers.  The new code is PETS and it gives you 500 gems!  Check out the Animal Jam Codes page to see a full list of all the newest Animal Jam codes for 2015!


  1. new codes

  2. plz des code dia monde gems membre cadeaux ……….

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