Head Feather

Feathers have been used as clothing accessories for a very long time. This is not an exception in Animal Jam. If you want to look adventurous, you should check out the Head Feather!

The Head Feather is a clothing item that was released nearly eight years ago, in November of 2010. It was made available in the Jam Mart Clothing shop, during the Feast of Thanks. After 2011, it has not returned to the game, making this item hard to find and extremely rare. The Head Feather can be recycled for 30 Gems, which is a ridiculously low amount.

In the picture above, you can see what the current Head Feather looks like. It appears to be a thick band, presumably made out of fabric/leather. The band has a zigzag stripe on it, as well as a feather at the back. There are nine different variations available, including a Rare Item Monday one. Let’s take a look at what the different variations look like.

Original Head Feather

Originally, the item was released in 2010. It had a light-brown color, a light-blue zigzag stripe and a white feather with blue tip. The original price was 150 Gems. AJHQ decided to rework the Head Feather and release it again in 2011, which you can see below.

Second Release

After the rework, it was released for a second time. The price for the headwear was also reduced by 50 Gems, making it 100 Gems in total. You can clearly see the difference, especially in the color. The default is now dark-brown, a yellow zigzag stripe and a white feather with black tip.

Rare Item Monday Head Feather

On October 15, 2012, the Head Feather appeared as a Rare Item Monday. The RIM variant has a lavender band, white zigzag stripe and a white feather with lavender tip. The price for this variant was 350 Gems, which is definitely worth it, considering it is a rare item.

Sky High Adventure

Between 2012 and 2014, you could win a Sky High variant of the Head Feather item, if you successfully completed the adventure. This variant has a yellow band, red zigzag stripe and a white feather with black tip.

Other Color Variants

Besides the variants mentioned above, there are six other color variants available. They came in the colors Blue, Peach, Pink, Teal and White. You can see what they look like below.


How to Get a Head Feather

It is understandable that you would like to own this item yourself. It should be noted that it is extremely rare, and that it is nearly eight years old.  By following the tips and tricks below, you might be able to get one.


The easiest way to get a Head Feather is by trading with other Jammers. Since this item is so old, it will probably be very difficult to find someone that actually owns it. If you do find the item in-game, it will probably take an extremely rare item of your own to complete the deal.

Adventure Prizes

Between 2012 and 2014, you could win some of the variants by completing adventures. Sky High, Return of the Phantoms and The Forgotten Desert were some of the adventures that rewarded you with a Head Feather. However, it is thought that the item is removed from the prize list after 2014, because it has not been found by anyone since that year.

Head Feather Codes

Even though AJHQ occasionally releases codes for in-game items, this is not the case for Head Feather. If you want to own one, you are going to have to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above. Do you know of any useful codes? Make sure to share them below!

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