Hedge Hog Cheats for Animal Jam


Hedge Hog is an Animal Jam game that’s very similar to the classic game of Pac-Man.  The Hedge Hog game is found in the Sarepia Forest.  Use your arrow keys to move the hedge hog around the maze.  The objective is to collect all of the berries and gems without hitting any of the phantoms.


The levels get more difficult and complex as you get further in the game.  The phantoms also move faster while chasing you.  It helps to have some hints and tips to get you through the levels.

Cheats & Hints

If you collect a purple power crystal, it makes the phantoms edible for a short period of time.  Use this hint to get rid of all those pesky predators.

The left and right side of the map are connected so if you are in trouble on one side, you can escape to the other.

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