How Animal Jam Promotes Learning and Creativity

Hey Jammer parents! We know that parents are concerned with online games and activities and if they are helping their children learn and be creative. Here are some of the ways that Animal Jam lets children learn and be creative.

Jammers are encouraged to be unique and themselves in Animal Jam, which happens through customizing their animals and dressing them up using various colors, patterns, clothing, and accessories. There is also a den, which is a home given to all Jammers, and there are many items you use to make the den your very own.

Jammers also come across a lot of unique animals and plants that inhabit different ecosystems and lands. These animals and plants all have photos attached to them along with some interesting facts about the animals and plants, which means your child is learning some cool things. The Jammers can then put this information into their Journey Book, which allows them to reference them whenever they want.

Everyday there is also a new educational video that is released in Jamaa, and the videos are things such as National Geographic content that has a lot of information related to various animals in it. These educational videos are meant to teach children about the animals that live in various parts of the world.

Animal Jam is partnered up with Dr. Brady Barr and Dr. Tierney Thys, who are both educated in the world of animals and the oceans. These men have in-game locations filled with facts, experiments, and in-game activities, along with videos that enable children to learn science through an interactive format.

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