How to Report a Player on Animal Jam

Welcome Jammers! You probably know that you can report a player for violating various rules, but if you didn’t know, well now you do know that this is possible. We are going to go into a little bit about what happens if you report a player or why you might want to report a player.


If you are playing Animal Jam, you need to report players, also known as other Jammers, who might be being mean or rude to you, and this is to help keep the game fun and safe for everyone. At Animal Jam, the staff at Animal Jam Head Quarters is always looking into the player reports, and reviewing information about the player in question that other Jammers are having problems with.

When the staff finds that the player was indeed breaking the rules for Animal Jam, then there will be action against the player account. This could include limiting the type of chat the player can use or even suspending the player account for a certain length of time. There are times though that a Jammer is falsely accused of something, and in this case, Animal Jam staff will not take action against the player.

Sometimes you might report a player but that player is still breaking the rules in Animal Jam, such as the player is back after a suspension or there was not enough evidence to get that player into trouble with the staff. In these situations, you can block the player which disables them from communicating with you, and this is often the best course of action, especially if it is a Jammer that is being annoying but not really breaking any rules. You can choose a new world or new land as well if you want to get away from a specific Jammer, which is a good thing to do in between your report being filed and looked at and action being taken against the Jammer. It is better to block or move to another area because it could take a day before action is taken against the Jammer, so if the situation is calling for it, just block them in the mean time until staff can get a handle on the situation.

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