How to Activate the Parent Dashboard in Animal Jam

Hi Jammer parents! Today we are going to be talking a little bit about how to activate the parent dashboard. This is a pretty painless and easy process that will get you and your child on their way to playing Animal Jam.

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The first thing that you need to do is find the Animal Jam welcome email which was sent to your email once you created your child’s account. You might find the email in your Spam or Junk folder, so always check there if you are unable to locate the email in your regular mail folder.

You then want to click on the link that is in the welcome email, or you can copy and paste the website address into your address bar on the browser.

You will need to create a password for your Parent Dashboard, and then click on the “Continue” button and then your Parent Dashboard is activated.

You need to know that if you misspelled your parent email address or typed it in wrong, you cannot successfully activate your Parent Dashboard. Until the Parent Dashboard is activated, only five player accounts will be allowed under a single parent email address. If you need to, you can click on “Contact Us” on the Animal Jam website if you think you misspelled your email address and then Animal Jam staff can look into the situation for you, although give it 24 hours before you contact staff because sometimes the email could just end up being sent later than normal. You also want to make sure that if Animal Jam staff asks for certain information that you have that information handy as that helps speed things along such as the email address of both you and your child and any transaction ID you might have.

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