How to Cancel Recurring Membership Without Account Information

Hi Jammers! Parents might have a lot of questions when it comes to Animal Jam, specifically questions about billing and memberships if they plan on buying an Animal Jam membership or already have purchased a membership for Animal Jam. We know that parents might have questions when it comes to trying to cancel a membership without the account information, so here are some answers about how to resolve this issue.

If you do not know the account information you need to contact Animal Jam support, and you need to include some important information when you do contact them. If you paid with a credit card then you need the full name on the credit card, full billing address, and the last four digits of the credit card used or the transaction ID or confirmation number from Animal Jam, which would be when you purchased the membership. If you cannot find this information then you will need to contact Animal Jam support and ask them what else you can do, but the transaction ID number is very important so this is something you will need to try to find even if you do not know where it is, although you can try to look on your credit card or banking statement as well to see if you can find it there.

It is a lot easier if you made the payment with Paypal as all you will need is the Paypal email address that you used to pay, and also the unique transaction ID from Paypal. When you first initiated the order, you should see the transaction ID at the top of that email, or you can go back through your Paypal account and find this information by clicking on “details” when you get to the purchase in your account history.

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