How to Contact AJHQ

Animal Jam Headquarters, also known as AJHQ, is the part of NatGeo that runs Animal Jam.  They control everything that happens in the game, including any updates, memberships, codes, etc.

There are many reasons why a Jammer might need to contact them, but not everyone knows how to do it.  I’ve noticed some Jammers in the comments mistakenly think my website is AJHQ but I am just a blogger.  That’s why I made this post to help send players in the right direction!

Here are the ways that you can contact AJHQ about whatever issues you might have with the game.  They get a lot of emails so it may take them a while to get back to you.

AJHQ Email Support

This is the email you should contact if you have any issues/glitches with the game, get scammed, or any other in-game problem.  Like I said before, AJHQ can be pretty slow at replying though.

If you have any questions about your membership or billing, there is a different email to contact.  They can only discuss billing on your account with a parent or guardian, so they will need to help you with this!

Animal Jam Headquarters Address – Where is AJHQ located?

A lot of Jammers, including myself, have sometimes wondered where AJHQ is located?  Maybe you have some awesome Animal Jam drawings you want to send them or maybe it’s just out of curiosity.  For whatever reason you need their address, here it is:

Animal Jam
PO Box 3624
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

Everyone loves receiving letters in the mail so why not send them some fan mail?

AJHQ Phone Number

So if you’ve tried the options listed above and still haven’t gotten the response you’re looking for, the last option would be to try calling them.  This is the phone number listed for AJHQ.


I haven’t tried calling it myself but it’s listed on the company’s official business listing so it should work.  They may end up telling you to email instead but hopefully they can help you in some way.

Sometimes you might need help before AJHQ has time to respond.  If you’re looking for an answer to a question, it may have already been covered at the Animal Jam Help Center.  Here you can find answers to some commonly asked questions about the game.

With a major company like Animal Jam, it’s not always easy getting in contact with the right person.  I hope this guide has helped and that you’ll be able to get in contact with whoever you need to at AJHQ!

  1. Me and my friends were talking and we randomly got sent to bubble chat why is that we were talking about my friends feathered ears and what for them my account is iceclaw890

  2. Hi AJHQ
    I just got a new alma update on Animal Jam Play Wild and when I try to say hi to my buddy but the word hi is highlighted in white and it won’t let me say it. I don’t know why, but please fix this cause I really want to talk to my buddies, also when I try to send a jam a gram to them I can’t exit out or send it to them so I have no way of talking to them. Please fix this. TY IF u do!

  3. My doughter was sespended from AJ chatting and we don’t know why

  4. AJHQ, i need to say that i was put on bubble chat for NOTHING i got put on it 2 times all i was doing was saying trade me megants items and i got up got some water went back and i was put on bubble chat? pls lift this its very stressful to not be able to talk or trade and ask for what i want lift this!

  5. Ya so this kid named straycat2 aj banned my animaljam account and when I contacted aj they neer responded sooo like how could I get ahold of them, because the fact he hacked in my parent dashboard and banned my account, is pretty pathetic. Please let me know, im really stressed… Thanks.

  6. Hey my son got suspended from his account and I was watching him play it and he didn’t even do anything all he did was get out of his seat to get a Drink and he comes back and I’m t says he’s suspended so please unsuspened him thankyou!

  7. Hi, I love Animal Jam, but i do not like when people are scammed. My daughter, Crunchycookies4real was recently scammed a rare black long and crystal Pegasus horn from Ablakey. It would be amazing if she could get her items back. She cried most of the night, and I don’t like to see her cry. Thank you so much! Remember, my daughter’s username is Crunchycookies4real, and the scammer’s user is Ablakey. Thank you for your time.

  8. Please help me I am trying to get a membership but it is declining my mom’s card. How do I fix it?

  9. Hi AJHQ!
    I got scammed by amythewolf90 she got my super epic masterpiece :'( plzz u can back to me it?? plz back to me my masterpiece TY.

  10. Hi ajhq I wanna tell you how much I love u and how much i play aj than any other games i played aj ever since it came out but I really wanna be a member My Guardians wont buy meh one ANd i was hoping you can get meh a at least a year membership my username is Sarak7

  11. Hi AJHQ!!!! It’s my first time talking to you and I wanted to tell u lots of things…first thing,you are the best!!!!Second how did you know about all things about animals?third I like your information about animals so true. Fourth I want to tell you my password “Ihavearealpet”
    Fifth,plz make it easier to get sapphires plzzzzzzzz plz plz!!!!;(

  12. AJHQ I got scammed by Asipuk on ajpw and lost my pink and blue flower crown

  13. I need the 2018 number!!! I had my free chat restricted for a day because I said fog machine if it wasn’t that I got restricted for no reason another thing is I’m speaking for thousands of jammers when I say we need the 2018 number to get rid of the no got scammers and bullies and lastly I was scammed on my spare account that my friend gave me and I would like to report the scammer scamp2006 and p1nk1e!!! Both scammed at separate times

    • we even tried email system, but no response for 2 days, I purchased subscription and my account does not is disconnected as well.
      I expect to be able to use my id once paid for not to wait..

  14. ajhq please answer right away someone in there den wrote something really inpropryet sorry cant spell the jammers name is Bearosel plz band them now

  15. I want to know AJ’s phone number for 2018. I tried the number you had and it just said it didn’t work. My account has been hacked and I’ve tried emailing Animal Jams supporting email. They asked what items I lost and I told them so right now I’m waiting for a response. But my password on the account I was hacked isn’t working anymore. I didn’t change the password or anything and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the hacker. I clicked the forgot password button and typed in my information and it said a link was sent but I see no link in my email. So I wanted to call AJ to change my password.

    • Animal Jam got rid of their phone number a long time ago because people kept calling them and asking for spikes and things they never lost.

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