How to Fix Screen Resolution Issues In Animal Jam

Hi Jammers! We know that sometimes you might be playing the game and you have noticed that there are issues with the computer screen messing up how Animal Jam is displayed on your computer. A lot of the time you can get the issues with the screen corrected by yourself without having to talk to Animal Jam Staff, and here are some of those at-home tips to help you fix the problem.mirasays2

Sometimes the screen resolution might be wrong on your computer, and this is basically how many pixels are visible on your computer screen. Sometimes the pixels might be set too low, which menas you need to change the resolution settings on your computer. You can right click your desktop and then go into the display to change the resolution of your computer screen.

You probably are using your mouse to play Animal Jam, and if you are, then your mouse wheel can help you zoom in and out. By default, most mouse wheels are used to zoom in and out, and this might be why you are having issues playing Animal Jam. You might notice that the window is either zoomed in really far or zoomed out really far, and this is why your mouse wheel is going to come in handy. Simply press “Ctrl” on your keyboard and then roll the mouse wheel until you find the best screen resolution to play Animal Jam. You also can press “Ctrl” and then either “+” to zoom in or “-” to zoom out if you do not want to use your mouse wheel.

If you have a Mac, you can hold down the Apple key and press “+” to get back to default on the zoom. If you have a PC then you can hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “0” in order to get back to the default zoom settings, which also will help you fix your screen resolution.

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