How to Get Diamonds and What They Are

When you play Animal Jam, you will notice that you can earn diamonds through being a member of Animal Jam, and you can also earn diamonds as part of sweepstakes and contests. If you did not know, the diamonds are the special currency within Animal Jam, and you can use the diamonds to buy exclusive dens, pets, armor, and animals, as well as many other items.

animal jam diamonds

There is also a Diamond Shop, which you can find in Jamaa Township, and this shop will show you all of the rare items and accessories that you can purchase using the diamonds. There is also an ever-changing inventory in the Diamond Shop, so you can come back every couple weeks to see the new items that are available for you to purchase with the diamonds. You can also look around in the Diamond Shop and then write down what items you would like to buy when you have enough diamonds, and it helps you have goals and save up your diamonds for something special. Once you get an item in mind that you want, you will quickly be able to save up your diamonds to get it, and it helps teach you about saving up to get something you want, and it also teaches you the value of money.

You can win diamonds whether you have a membership to Animal Jam or not through various ways, such as sweepstakes and contests that often involve submitting artwork. You also have a chance to win diamonds through the Daily Spin. If you are a member on Animal Jam, then you will get bonus diamonds each week just for being a member. If you purchase Animal Jam membership gift certificates or cards, then you will automatically get some diamonds with that purchase.

You also can purchase Diamond Gift Certificates, which specifically are just for diamonds, and they come in various money amounts you can either get at a retail store or through Animal Jam Outfitters.

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