How to Print Animal Jam Gift Certificates

You can purchase a variety of Animal Jam gift certificates online through Animal Jam Outfitters as well as through the Animal Jam shop. Once you made a successful purchase, you might be wondering how you can print off your gift certificate which you might be giving to your child or another loved one for a birthday present.

The first thing you need to do is check your email, because that will give you the link to print your Animal Jam gift certificate as well as redeem it. If you do not get the email after about an hour, look in your spam or junk mail folder as sometimes the Animal Jam gift certificates can end up going there depending on the mail provider.

Right after you order it you also can click on the list of products you have ordered on Animal Jam Outfitters, which is a way you can print it without checking your email. Once you see the order, click the “Save or Print” button right next to the gift certificate order. You will then get a pop up asking you to save the file or download and save, and it will come up as a PDF file on your computer.

Open that PDF file on your computer from where you saved it from after you downloaded it, and then you can just click print. Once that happens, just give the gift certificate to your child or other loved one, and they can go online and redeem the gift certificate that you printed out by typing in the numbers.


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