Hyenas Have Returned & Pigs are Coming Soon!

Hey Jammers!  Last week’s Jamaa Journal had some exciting news in it, Hyenas have returned to Jamaa!  They’ve been traveling for the past few months but they’ve finally made their way back to Jamaa.

Hyenas are back in the Diamond Shop for the cost of 10 diamonds.  If you missed your chance to get a hyena before, now you can!

There’s a lot of other good news so let’s get into it!


It’s that time of year again for the Summer Carnival.  This is always one of my favorite times of year because school is almost over and the carnival is back!

If you’re new to Animal Jam or are wondering what the Summer Carnival is like, check out our guide for last year’s Summer Carnival.  I’ll be doing a new guide for the 2016 carnival soon!


If you’ve been to the Summer Carnival in the past then you already know about all of the fun games and prizes there!  I can’t wait to check it out and see what new games they have this year.  Be sure to check back once I get a chance to write up a guide for it.

Ever wanted to buy an item but weren’t sure how it would look on your animal?  Now you can preview how items and accessories will look with your animal!


Another exciting bit of news is that the Alphas are close to discovering a new heartstone in Jamaa.  That means there is a new animal coming soon to Animal Jam!!

In the Jamaa Journal this week they had a puzzle giving a pretty huge clue as to what is coming to Jamaa.  Did you figure it out?!


And the new animal is…a pig!!  Pigs have been available as pets for quite a while but I never thought about having them as a main animal!  I think they will be pretty cool.  Can’t wait to see how they look!  Do you think they will add a muddy area to Jamaa for pigs to play in?


Last but not least, if you’ve been waiting to buy a polar bear from the diamond shop now is the time!  Polar bears will be traveling starting on May 26th so you better get one soon because they will be gone for a while!


That’s all I have for news this week.  Be sure to check back soon for more information on the pigs coming to Animal Jam and on the 2016 Summer Carnival!


  1. Please trade me a nonmember house besides sunken ship and the orignial house(like the one you first get in AJ in exchange you will get five plushies, a torch, a pet house, a rare headress, sunken ship house,a wooden chair, a spike that a member gifted me that I couldn’t use, a friendship bracelet, a buddy request, MAYBE an animal code. I hate all these items exept animal code so I MIGHT not give it. I probably won’t just to let you know. NO scam. My username is lollylollypop.

  2. Omg Animal Jam NEVER gives me diamonds.

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