Animal Jam Igloo Estate Den

Dens in Animal Jam are quite important. It is basically your home, which you can decorate with furniture and art, and other Jammers can visit, and hang out with you. There are many different dens available, which completely overhaul the way your own den looks like. The Igloo Estate is one of those dens.

The Igloo Estate was first released on December 20, 2018. It is currently sold at the Diamond Shop. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Igloo Estate, and see what it looks like.

Animal Jam Igloo Estate Den Tour

We are going to take a tour through the Igloo Estate den, and check out what you can except to see when you purchase the item. First of all, you will notice that the den item is pretty large. In total, there are six circular rooms; three small rooms and three large rooms.

There are stairs leading you from room to room. One of the large rooms can also be seen as a balcony of sorts, as it overlooks your den.

The amazing thing about the Igloo Estate den is that it also has an outside area. When you go all the way down in your den, you will notice giant ice blocks that are floating in the water. Some of those ice blocks can be walked over. If you have a flying animal, you can go over the entire area.

Lastly, you might have noticed the background of the den. If you go all the way up, you will see that there are Northern lights all over the background. This concludes the Igloo Estates den tour.

How to Get the Animal Jam Igloo Estate Den

Since the Igloo Estate was released only a few days ago, it can still be purchased at the Diamond Shop. This means that, if you have enough Diamonds, you can go and purchase one for yourself. It is also possible to obtain the Igloo Estate by trading for it with other Jammers.

Diamond Shop

As stated above, the Igloo Estate is currently still available at the Diamond Shop. It is not clear for how long it will remain available. However, just like most other items, it will probably go on clearance, and eventually get removed from the game. The fastest way for you to obtain the Igloo Estate is by purchasing it from the Diamond Shop. The item is sold for 7 Diamonds.


The Igloo Estate is not a members item. This means that every player in Animal Jam can obtain and use the item as a den. If you currently do not have enough Diamonds to purchase the Igloo Estate, you could also try to trade for it. You will have to offer items of equal value, in order to make it a fair trade. You can find many traders in busy servers, especially at the Jamaa Township.

AJ Igloo Estate Codes

The Igloo Estate is a brand new item, and there are no codes available for it. The easiest way to obtain the item for yourself would be by purchasing it at the Diamond Shop. You could also try to trade for it, if you do not have the required amount of Diamonds to purchase it outright.

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