Important Animal Jam Rules

If you are playing Animal Jam, there are some rules you need to keep in mind in order to stay safe and also have fun in Jamaa. If you follow these rules you should never have a problem while playing Animal Jam and you will find yourself enjoying the game more if you keep these rules in mind.

Be Kind In Your Language

When you are playing Animal Jam, you need to be kind in terms of the language you are using in your chat and other comments. There will be no tolerance for bullying, bad language, cursing, or hateful and inappropriate language.

No Inappropriate Playing

When it comes to Animal Jam, you do not want to engage in inappropriate themes or parties because these are not allowed. You also cannot be involved in any inappropriate relationships, including with other players or trying to engage in inappropriate relationships with staff.

No Cheating

In Animal Jam, cheating is not tolerated at all and you will be banned forever if you engage in this behavior. You cannot scam other players for gems or other items and you cannot lie or be dishonest while trading with other players. You also cannot use programs or codes that could change your Animal Jam playing patterns, such as any cheat programs that will give you extra gems or items, such as a hack.

Never Give Personal Information

You cannot give out your personal information in Animal Jam, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers or anything else that could be considered personal information. You also cannot give out your username or password to Animal Jam or any other type of website. You also should never ask anyone else for their personal information either.

Report Players and Then Leave

If you feel like someone is making you uncomfortable or feel bad, then report this person immediately. You can block and report players in the game, and also you should tell a parent about the person too so that they know what is going on. You can report the player but it could take a couple days in order to get that person in trouble, that is why in-game blocking is so useful until staff can take care of it.

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