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Hello everyone! My name is Acrowdedstreet, but you can just call me Acrowded. Anyway, I am a new blogger here at Animal Jam World, and I will briefly introduce myself. I am in High School and I love English. My hobbies include going on Animal Jam, singing, reading, and playing sports. I have an Animal Jam YouTube known as Animal Jam Aura, so you can check that out. I will be happy to work here and hopefully make this site top notch. Feel free to add me on AJ as well, I am still Acrowdedstreet and that will be all! See you soon! (Link to my channel)

Enough about me, here is one of the ‘hottest’ new items around!

Flaming Jack

This item is so cool! It is a Jack-O’-Lantern Mask that is on FIRE!! The other colors are so cool. Two nice members bought a white one and a black one for me. I can’t wear them, but the look so cool!

Color Flame Jack

The white one is definitely one of the more popular ones. Since this is Halloween themed, I assume they will go out of stores soon, so buy in bulk if you can when or if it is going out. I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY popular item.

You can get this at the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer for 600 gems. That’s pretty cheap! Anyway, that is all for now, I will see you in the next post. Ciao!


  1. Buddy*

  2. Howdy! I like the flamin pumpkins! They rlly look AWESOME!! I wish I could get 1, but they’re a members only item.. sadly. I like the black, red, blue, & white ones! They are me favorite flamin pumpkin heads!!! Oh and I’ll busy you! 😀 😀

  3. wow! You have a cool collection of clothing! I <3 the nerd glasses!

  4. I Love The Flaming Pumpkin Head! I Bought Like 20 Or More And Put Them In My AJ Storage 🙂

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