Jamaa Derby Cheats for Animal Jam


Jamaa Derby is a racing game found in Jamaa Township.  Jammers play as horses and run on a track full of obstacles like mud, hay and water.  Click on the screen to jump over the obstacles and avoid slowing down.  Every time you run into an obstacle, it slows your horse down.


Each racer has three carrots that can be used as a speed boost for your horse.  Carrots can help you jump over long gaps too.  You only have three of these to use so use them wisely!


Cheats & Hints

Members can use their own customized horses in the race instead of just brown ones.

Try to save at least one carrot for the end of the race.  If your opponent starts gaining on you, use this carrot to catch up.

  1. The game is nice and all but very hard to win. I have played it so many times and only won 2 times. I can never make it completely over wide gaps. I could be so close to winning but those big jumps mess me up completely. All I want is my gift.

  2. I have never played the underwater versions…

  3. My face game is best dressed falling phantoms and jamaa derby. I hats it when other players use up all their carrots that’s why I like the underwater version of jamaa derby and best dressed.

  4. Yeah i love it but i really want to be able to leave my computer on while playing jamma derby to earn gems quick

  5. Yea

  6. I agree with vivani it the best game ever!!!!

  7. I love the jamma derby ! I think it is the best game in animal jam
    But i don’t really like it when i am last.

    ♥ animal jam

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