Jamaaliday 2016 Free Membership Giveaway

Attention Jammers!  The Jamaaliday season is coming closer so what better way to celebrate than with a free membership giveaway?!  If you’ve been wanting an Animal Jam membership, here’s your chance to win one.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Summer 2016 membership giveaway!  Congratulations to the winner who chose to remain anonymous.  Anyone can sign up for the giveaway, only one entry per Jammer!

The Jamaaliday 2016 giveaway begins right now and the winner of the Animal Jam membership will be chosen at the end of December.  The winner will be announced during the first week of 2017.


The entry form for the giveaway is at the bottom of this post but you need to share this contest with friends before you can enter!  To do that, just click on either the Twitter, Facebook or G+ sharing buttons to share it.  After you share this page, you can see the entry form and type in your information.

There are more detailed instructions above the entry form.  The most important part is that you use a real email address that you can access!  I’ll be emailing the winner at the end of December and they must respond in order to claim their membership.

You can either use your real name (I only need your first name) or your Animal Jam username.  I will not share the winner’s name/username without their permission.  If you win and want to remain anonymous, that’s up to you!


If you’re chosen as the giveaway winner, you’ll get a code for a 3 month Animal Jam membership which comes with 6000 gems and 10 diamonds.  I will email you the code so it’s very important that you use your real email address!

The giveaway will be open until 12/31/16 so get your entries in as soon as you can!  I’ll announce the winner during the first week of 2017.  How great would it be to start off 2017 as an Animal Jam member?!

Here are the steps to follow in order to enter the Jamaaliday 2016 Giveaway.  I wish everyone good luck!

Jamaaliday Giveaway Entry Form

Step 1: Click on one of the social media buttons below to share this page on either Twitter, Facebook or G+.  After you share this page, you’ll be able to enter the membership giveaway.

Step 2: Type your name (or AJ username) and real email address in the entry form.

Step 3: Click the “Submit” button and your name will be entered in the drawing for Jamaaliday membership giveaway!

The Jamaaliday Membership Giveaway is now over.  Thank you everyone who entered and come back soon to enter our next giveaway!


Mark your calendar and check your email because the winner will be chosen during the first week of the new year!

  1. i would love to have another membership i got bored of being a non member

  2. I give u a account it realy work my account is akina 142 trd me a spike for the password

  3. pls give me mebership i have ben playing for a year and not had a mebership.

  4. Please please give it to me i am a big big fan of Animal Jam and i am so so loyal to you guys. My name is Swiftrunner11. I can’t afford membership please please consider for me. Or if not then please please give me a code for a new at least 3 month membership. Thanks!

  5. i want a membership and DIamond 11 plz

  6. Good luck everyone!

  7. very happy I have done more excited I hope I’m one to give a free member ship please please give me cause I thank you?

  8. Yea my family cant afford membership. And I’ve always wanted it ever since I started. And So like yea i dont have an excuse like everyone else but im telling the truth. Sorry If I sounded mean XD but yea I just want membership. And I didnt even celebrate christmas or new years ):

    Username: Jujuønthatbeat

    • I have longs and shorts but I cant wear them xd

    • i just really want the membership because when I try to hang out with the members they ignore me…….

  9. I would love to have a membership.

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