Jamaaliday Gift Calendar 2015 is Here!

It’s December 1st so that means the Jamaalidays have officially started for 2015 in Jamaa!  For those of you who have recently started playing Animal Jam and don’t know about the Jamaalidays yet, let me fill you in!

Jamaaliday is a holiday in Animal Jam that is celebrated at the end of December every year, kinda like Christmas.  Jammers celebrate the whole month of December giving eachother gifts and decorating around town!


The Jamaaliday gift calendar is one of the most exciting parts of the Jamaalidays and I know many Jammers look forward to it all year!  Every day you log in to Animal Jam in December, there is a new Jamaaliday gift waiting there for you.

You have to log in to Animal Jam every day in order to open the Jamaaliday present for that day.  If you miss a day, then you dont get the gift for that day.  But who knows, you might find another Jammer who’s in the holiday spirit and would trade you!


2015 Jamaaliday Gift Calendar

The 2015 calendar for the Jamaalidays just came out today on December 1st.  I can’t wait to see what all the gifts will be, take a look at the gift calendar below!


As you can see, there’s a gift for every day in Decemember.  There’s also a bunch of diamonds scattered in there!  Best of all, they’re not just for members, they’re for non-members too!!

I count 9 diamonds total for Jamaaliday gifts, that’s almost enough for a Diamond Shop animal like the Arctic Fox!  It looks like there are about 2 diamonds being given away every week for the Jamaalidays so make sure you log in on those days to get them!

The first Jamaaliday item given away today is a Jamaaliday welcome mat.  What a great way to welcome holiday visitors to your den and bring in the Jamaalidays!


I’m so excited to see what other gifts will come for the Jamaalidays!  There are still 30 days left of Jamaaliday gifts so don’t be sad if you missed the first one today.  I’ll try to keep everyone updated with the new gifts every day in case you miss any.  Check back soon!

– AntAnimal

  1. ummm…. i wonder if someone here can gift me spike for my friend she really wants one for christmas….

    my username: harmonybaby

  2. the jamaaliday gift calendar is awesome…

    because my friend got a rare bow and arrow and she gifted it to me…

    o o
    – —

  3. I love this website. I have used it for many things and the codes are amazing. But it will not let me use the codes.

  4. how do you get on Animal Jam from your phone?

    • Well if you mean the actual animal jam website, just download puffin, you can access it from there. Or you can play the animal jam app from the app store, but this isnt like the online animal jam. Hope this helps.

  5. Never mind-it’s working now! Thank you:)

  6. Why can’t my daughter get her diamond from the Jamaaliholiday gift calendar…diamond comes up, but nothing happens when she hits ok. Any advice?

  7. I love this website, it’s very useful and great to look at. My favorite sections are the Codes and Trading Tips section.

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