Jamaaliday Gifts and More!

Yesterday was the first day of December and also the first day of the Jamaalidays.  Animal Jam is giving away a free gift every day you login during the Jamaalidays!  So make sure you get on Animal Jam to claim your prizes!


Here’s how the gifts during the Jamaalidays work.  Every day you login, you can claim your prize from that day.  Prizes are only available during that day.


In other exciting news, all games are still giving double gems for a limited time so get your gems now!  Also the new animal, the deer, will be available sometime in the next month so keep an eye out for it!


If you’ve been in Jamaa yet this December, you’ve probably noticed all of the Jamaaliday decorations all over town.  Jamaa Township is especially decorated will all kinds of colorful decorations.


There’s also a really fun Jamaaliday party available at the party menu!  Be sure to go check out the party!  There’ s a gingerbread house, an ice rink, and even a special Jamaaliday gift store.


Last but not least, here’s a look at the Jamaaliday gifts calendar!  Every day is different so make sure you login to get your prizes!


I look forward to seeing everyone around Jamaa during the holidays!

  1. ya 2015 gifts are soo cool! i got bows and other AMAZING stuff i wish it was xmas every day and this s meh first jamaalidaY

    AND as this is my first jamaalidy im hosting a contest, sorry non members u guys cant join its member stuff ok this is how to enter: gift me and if i send back u dont get prize if i dont send back u get my prize which is a RARE SPIKES WRISTBAND AND SPIKE COLLAR!
    p.s. tyoo37

    enteries close on 1/1/16 which is 1st jan 2016
    this is no scam, Good luck!

  2. So coool!! :3

  3. IM so excited for the Christmas calender this is my first year playing this game and I am so excited I hope the gifts are really good btw buddy my bff jocelynisawesome.
    Thanks, April2005pugs2

    PS hope you guys have a good holiday!!!

  4. On Christmas eve u get a rare boe

  5. Right now its like wat 2014? Ya im in my first jammailday!! Yay! The gifts so far are pretty good! :3 btw guys sub to my bffs: epicbetagirl123 aj on youtube and subb to maddyjock on youtube!

  6. Today i got bow and arrows!!! Before i got 2 diamonds!!! Also, at the other days, i got an inflatable snowman and candycane lights, and a giant snowglobe, and a decorative bow, and some bells, and a little sled, and many more i cant list all of them down but all i could say is i love this holidays!!! You get a new item everyday!!! I wish it was like that EVERYday!!!!! Like, u know, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    Check out:


    Plz add me in ur buddy list!!! Especially members!!! Im a really nice friend!!!!

  7. I have a reindeer. They r so cool!

  8. and eat butterflys

  9. is there a bow and arrow cause i really want one and i only have a non member prate sword that is nothing
    so…maybe can u give me one if u play animal jam?!

    • They were given the past two years… so i would think so.

    • You should look at people’s trade lists. People not advertising with a bow and arrow on their trade list are better options when you are looking for trades. I have been playing Animal Jam for a while. I trade bow and arrows at my store (one of my dens). I acquire the bows and arrows mainly from other people by looking around in the Township. Also, I recommend you go to the world Nile because it tends to be a large member and people who have played for a long time zone.I wish you the best of luck in getting what you are looking for.

  10. umm…

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