More Jamaaliday and Items!

Hi everyone! A few more items from the gifts calender has come out, and things are getting well underway for the Jamaalidays! Many items are making a return, and some new ones are popping in as well. Lets get to the gifts first!

Gift 2 Gift 4 These two gifts were given. The second picture is a rerun I believe. Members also received one FREE DIAMOND today! Spend those wisely. Why? Because the Diamond Shop has 2 new items!






Long Bow Diamond Panda Claw


LONG BOW IS BACK! Now, it is for Members and you can even change the color! It is unsure if this new bow is different from the original, but it seems not. A new claw has also made an appearance: The PANDA Claw!

Epic Jamaaliday Tree


Lastly, of course, this Jamaaliday Tree can be found in Jam Mart Furniture at a reasonable price of 600 gems. Its very large.

Items that came out but have no photos in this article include: Jamaaliday Scarf, Santa’s Gift Bad (Day 3 Gift)

Happy Jamaalidays everyone!


  1. Hey Acrowded,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all the time you take in keeping us jammers updated. I especially want thank you for the new codes. Keep up the good work.

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  3. all for members?? hahah

  4. all for members

  5. Hey, um, what about the new jamaaildays scarfs?

    Thanks Darkdream

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